Innr 10 x 25cm Dimmable Warm White Smart LED Strips

by Innr

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Innr 10 x 25cm Dimmable Warm White Smart LED Strips

  • Wirelessly dimmable via the Innr app for Apple and Android, set light when you're away from home
  • Beautiful soft, warm white LED light (2700K)
  • Complete set with 10 strips and UK power adapter, easy to mount without tools
  • Illuminate your bookcase without glare due to the innovative design, add to your television and enjoy the comfortable view
  • This item works over Zigbee together with the bridge from Innr, Philips Hue & Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings or Osram

Innr is a complete Smart Lighting system with which you can change the ambience at the push of a button, via the app on your smartphone or tablet. Create the perfect ambience in your home, anytime.

Outdoors you have the sun, indoors Innr shines.

Bring Lights to Every Room

With Innr you can illuminate every room in the way you like.

Create a perfect combination and form a complete system of beautiful LED-lights for your home. Bulbs for general lighting, Spots to accentuate and Strips for decorative lighting. Let your interior come to life with the Innr lights.

Illuminate Your Bookcase

The Innr Strip provides soft, wirelessly dimmable lighting that can help you to illuminate your favourite books in your bookcase or to create a perfect atmosphere for your movie night by installing it behind your TV. It gives your room just that bit of extra ambience.

The strips are wirelessly dimmable via the Innr app for Apple and Android and they come in a box per 10 pieces of 25 centimeter. The 5 cables are included to connect the strips: 2x 2m, 2x 1,5m en 1 x 1m. The cable to connect the poweradapter to the smart controlbox measures 4m.

Illuminate things that matters

Use the Strip to properly illuminate a cabinet or to set the optimal lighting for watching television.

The Strip lighting also works nicely under a bar, or a low cabinet. Your unique light plan tells you exactly what you need to know to achieve the best results.

No tools needed

Setting up your Innr lights is simple. Install the lights, download the app and the system will connect itself. No tools, easy and simple.

Easy control with the Innr app

Create the right atmosphere for every moment in your home.

With the Innr app you can control every light separately or select one of the moods.

The Advantages of Innr Lighting

  • Control with app or remote control
  • The perfect mood at the push of a button
  • Every light separately dimmable

  • Installation in a flash
  • Dutch design suits every interior
  • Warm white LED light and perfect colours

Note: This item works over Zigbee with the bridge from Innr, Philips Hue or Osram and standalone with the Innr remote control RC 110 (sold separately). It can also be (voice) controlled by Amazon Echo / Alexa or Samsung Smartthings, when combined with a Hue bridge. The Hue bridge does currently not support Apple HomeKit control for non-Philips lamps, but the innr lights can be controlled by the Hue app.

Instructions for (Hue) installation: First start looking for lights, then switch on the lights.