Innr Bridge BG 110

by Innr

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Innr Bridge BG 110 - Links everything together.

  • Control your lighting with the Innr app. The Bridge connects all Innr lights with the app on your smartphone
  • Wirelessly dimmable via the Innr app for Apple and Android, and the optional remote control RC 110 (sold separately)
  • The set includes a power adapter and network cable for easy installation
  • One single Bridge for your entire house, connect up to 100 lights
  • Optimal reach in your house and beyond, set lights when you're away from home
  • ZigBee based technology

Innr is a complete Smart Lighting system with which you can change the ambience at the push of a button, via the app on your smartphone or tablet. Create the perfect ambience in your home, anytime.

Outdoors you have the sun, indoors Innr shines.

Bring Lights to Every Room

With Innr you can illuminate every room in the way you like.

Create a perfect combination and form a complete system of beautiful LED-lights for your home. Bulbs for general lighting, Spots to accentuate and Strips for decorative lighting. Let your interior come to life with the Innr lights.

Innr Bridge - Links Everything Together

The Innr Bridge is the core of the Innr system. All lights are connected with the Bridge and it serves as the gateway to your WiFi network (and the internet). The Bridge allows you to connect up to 100 lights and to make a perfect combination of lights for your home. Search trough the Innr's product range and choose between regular bulbs, LED strips, spot lights etc. and start creating your perfect ambience.

This ZigBee based Bridge is needed to take advantage of all the benefits of the Innr system. This is how you control all your lighting, wherever and whenever you want, with the Innr app. And you determine the mood you desire at that moment.

Note: This item works together with the Innr lights and the optional Innr remote control (RC 110).

Easy control with the Innr app

Create the right atmosphere for every moment in your home.

With the Innr app you can control every light separately or select one of the moods.

No tools needed

Setting up your Innr lights is simple. Install the lights, download the app and the system will connect itself. No tools, easy and simple.

The Advantages of Innr Lighting

  • Control with app or remote control
  • The perfect mood at the push of a button
  • Every light separately dimmable

  • Installation in a flash
  • Dutch design suits every interior
  • Warm white LED light and perfect colours

Watch the Innr's Introductional Video