Netatmo Intelligent Wi-Fi Thermostat For Smartphone

by Netatmo

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Manage your heating needs from your mobile device or computer

  • Install as new or replace wired/wireless thermostats
  • Compatible with gas, fuel and wood boilers
  • Easy to Install
  • Use with IOS, Android or Windows mobile device or computer
  • No Fees or subscription, free lifetime use

Modern, economical heating control

Intelligence and design. These are the hallmarks of Netatmo's thermostat for smartphones. The true innovation lies in the fact your heating is now connected to the Internet. Your thermostat will schedule your heating to suit your life. What's more, the Netatmo thermostat is equipped with software that takes into consideration your home's specific characteristics and even the outside temperature.

Planning on getting home from work earlier today? Forgot to turn off the heating before you went away for the weekend? Not a problem! You can access your thermostat from your computer, tablet or smartphone: the choice is yours.

The Netatmo Thermostat can be used to directly replace your existing thermostat, or for more flexibility, can be used as a wireless thermostat anywhere in your home (move it from room to room as you wish). Installation guides are available for both ways of using the thermostat.

Netatmo - Control

Remote control

You can control your heating from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Use the app to monitor your heating history in real time. You are in control of your energy consumption.

Comfort when you need it

The thermostat creates a schedule of your heating habits: Comfort, Night and Eco. It will program your heating to turn on according to how well-insulated your house is and the outside temperature.

Netatmo - Comfort

Netatmo - Ease of Use

Easy to use

Intuitive app available for smartphone, tablet or computer. The thermostat can be fixed to the wall or used in wireless mode. Simply press the corresponding button to increase or lower the temperature. All the other functions are controlled via the app (iPhone, Android, Windows phone or computer).

Energy savings

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 25% by only heating when you need it. Receive a monthly energy statement with personalised tips to help you save even more.

Netatmo - Energy Saving

Netatmo - Easy to Install

Easy to install

The Netatmo thermostat for smartphones is as easy to install as A-B-C. Full guides and videos are available.

Unique design

With its minimalist design by the legendary Philippe Starck, you can be sure that the thermostat will blend perfectly into your home.

Netatmo - Design