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Robomow RC308 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower with install kit 2020

by Robomow

In Stock

Robomow RC308 Pro X - the mower for a complex gardens up to 800m2

  • Mower for maintaining lawn up to 800m2
  • Compact one blade mulching system
  • Tilt Sensor - stops rotating blade immediately when Robomow is tilted
  • Compact and easy to store between operations
  • Complete with Charging Base Station
  • Supports up to three sub-zones

Introducing the Premium Robomow Range (RC/RS Models). The Premium Robomow RC and RS models are the top of the range line of Robomow and offer the very latest in mowing performance and unrivaled quality for the ultimate lawn mowing solution.

The premium features of the RC and RS models offer the best lawn coverage and performance of any Robomow and is designed to maximise the use of all the advanced features to give your garden the best care possible.

If your garden is up to 800 m2 , this is the robomower for you. Sleek, streamlined and with a Base Station that can be easily hidden from sight for a more aesthetic look and feel, the Premium Robomow RC308 is both discreet and compact. You can fully manage all of Robomow's features from the palm of your hand from your very own smartphone and the robot's built in Bluetooth connectivity. Its robust motor and reversible tri-blade allows it to comfortably maintain any lawn and thanks to its lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery, it has plenty of power to get the job done.

Robomow RC308 Pro X Robotic Lawnmower

While the RX50ProSX runs on a 'Press To Go' system, the RX50 can be programmed with a weelky schedule so the mower automatically leaves its charging station, mows the lawn and retruns to recharge, all without you lifting a finger.

Sit back and relax while a Robomow takes care of your lawn. Designed to make your life easier, Robomow’s robotic lawnmowers are packed with features and intuitive to use. Set up can take as little as a few hours after which you can leave your robot mower to regularly cut your lawn to keep it always looking just right.

Robomow RC - A beautiful robot for your beautiful garden

Unique to Robomow is the ability to cut all the way to the wheel edge - perfect for saving how much trimming you need to do around on your beautiful dropped flower beds.

Robomow was founded in 1995 and was originally called 'Friendly Machines'. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Mr. Udi Peless and Mr. Shai Abramson, legend has it that one hot summer's day, Mr. Peless’s wife asked him to mow the lawn. While trying to avoid this impending chore, Udi fantasized about a robotic lawnmower. …And so, Friendly Machines was born.

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