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Robomow RX50 Pro SX Robotic Lawnmower with RoboHome

by Robomow

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Robomow RX50 Pro SX - the mower for a complex gardens up to 400m2

  • Mower for maintaining lawn up to 400m2
  • Brush DC Motor
  • Installation Pack (wire and pegs) included (150m wires, 200 pegs)
  • Steel blade: very resistant to a powerful mowing
  • Cutter: Floating to adapt to uneven terrain
  • Anti-theft system with PIN

RX50ProSX designed with smaller gardens in mind. This model is suitable to compex gardens up to 400m2 (and has a maximum lawn size of 500m2; if the lawn is flat and level, a simple rectangular shape, no obstacles or islands, no additional zones, no inactive time set, and modest lawn growing pace).

While the RX12u runs on a 'Press To Go' system, the RX50 Pro SX can be programmed with a weekly schedule so the mower automatically leaves its charging station, mows the lawn and returns to recharge, all without you lifting a finger.

Despite being small, this mower is packed with features including a solid stainless steel blade and floating cutter deck, allowing effortless cutting and following the contours of your lawn exactly.

Robomow RX50 Pro SX Robotic Lawnmower

While the RX50ProSX runs on a 'Press To Go' system, the RX50 can be programmed with a weelky schedule so the mower automatically leaves its charging station, mows the lawn and retruns to recharge, all without you lifting a finger.

Robomow RX50 Pro SX is easy to use. A short one-time setup is all that is required, to connect the base-station and lay the perimeter cable.

ROBOMOW RX - Introducing the brand new Robomow RX platform

With Roboconnect, you can control the RX50 Pro SX with Amazon Alexa and tell it to mow, or ask for progress updates.

In addition to the mobile app, you can also log in and connect with your Robomow online. Monitors your mower's performance history and upgrade your mower with the latest software version from your computer. The RX50 Pro SX includes the RX Robohome to provide some extra shelter to your Robomow.

You can even set up the charging station off your lawn, so you can enjoy every blade of grass in your garden without it getting in the way. Once your installation is complete you can start your robot for the first time and let it do the rest!

The compact shape offers a generous 18cm cutting width and an adjustable cutting height between 15 and 45mm for mowing your lawn.

The Robomow RX50 Pro SX robotic lawnmower uses grasscycling technology, where the grass is cut into small particles that fall into the grass roots, where it decomposes and acts as a natural fertiliser. This will ensure a more beautiful and healthier lawn.

Please note; RX models are fitted with a European power supply plug with UK adaptor. This is for use in a dry location; indoors or in a suitable size weatherproof box (IP55 higher) / outdoor power socket. Plug dimensions (with adaptor fitted, D X L x W); excluding pins 75 X 90 X 53MM, including pins 96 X 90 X 53MM

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