Z-Wave Aeotec Range Extender - UK

by Aeotec

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Plug in Z-Wave Repeater to extend you system's range.

  • Plugs into a wall socket (UK)
  • Extends the range, reliability and boosts the signal strength of communication between Z-Wave devices
  • Small form factor that is not intrusive and does not block other outlets

Range and Reliability Extender

The Aeotec Range Extender does just what it says - extends the range of your Z-Wave system. It simply plugs into a standard wall socket (UK only),and then it repeats and amplifies all Z-Wave signals in your system. It's ideal for extending your system's coverage or removing dead-spots around your home.

Aeotec's Range Extender ensures that your connected home stays connected. It intelligently listens to the commands and reports that your Z-Wave network sends, actively capturing weak signals and then amplifying and repeating them. This device takes existing Z-Wave signal, repeats and sends it to a longer range where it is too far away for the controller (supporting Fliers devices). Due to a special antenna amplifier the operating range will be up to 100 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors when installed correctly.

Note: This device only repeats the Z-Wave signal, it cannot be used to control a lamp or appliance.

Big on Impact and Small in Size

Range Extender is a power-outlet friendly device, designed to be as small and as compact as possible without compromising on performance, so that it doesn't block neighbouring power outlets.

Full Compatibility

Range Extender is compatible with all of your home's Z-Wave devices. Offering universal compatibility, it's able to repeat and amplify Z-Wave signals.