Z-Wave Danfoss LC-13 Living Connect Radiator Thermostat

by Danfoss
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High-performance thermostat enables wireless control of all your home's radiators.

  • Save energy by controlling individual radiators
  • Works in any Z-Wave network
  • Radiator valve adapters included for easy installation to almost all radiators
  • New 014G0013 Version

New 2014 Version - 014G0013

The Danfoss living connect is a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) that can be controlled by a Z-Wave network controller.

The battery-powered thermostat is easily fitted to most radiator types in just a few minutes, it can be controlled wirelessly via the Z-Wave network or manually using the unit's three buttons.

The thermostat works by opening/closing its valve based on its Setpoint temperature. The Setpoint temperature can be set by the central controller via Z-Wave or manually by pressing the Up and Down buttons on the unit itself.

Note: The Danfoss radiator thermostat cannot reports its local temperature to the Z-Wave network, it only allows a one-way communication to change its setpoint.

This is the new 014G0013 version - it is based on the latest Z-Wave v4.5 SDK and features increased network stability.

Danfoss Living Connect