Z-Wave Data Logger for Gas-Meters

by NorthQ

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Enables you to monitor your gas usage remotely

  • Installs alongside mechanical or electronic gas meters
  • Works in any Z-Wave network
  • Includes contact sensor to attach to gas meter
  • Windows software included to analyse meter readings

The Z-Wave Data Logger for Gas-Meters allows you to read meter values from mechanical and electronic meters. The sensor is easy to install and ideal for precise meter readings and its compact size, external wireless transmitter and battery-operation make it easy to install.

The unit reports a meter reading to the Z-Wave network controller every 15-minutes, enabling you to understand how your gas consumption varies across time, allowing you to make changes to reduce your usage. If the Z-Wave network is unavailable, the sensor will store meter readings for up to 3 months.

Can also be used along with a Z-Wave USB stick (not included) connected to a PC.