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Z-Wave Everspring HSP02 Motion Detector

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Add motion and light level detection to any room.

  • Includes PIR (motion) and Light level sensors
  • Works in any Z-Wave network
  • Supports two Z-Wave groups and up to six devices
  • Tamper and low-battery alarm notification

The Everspring HSP02 is a versatile Z-Wave compatible motion detector. It can be triggered by movement or changes in light level, allowing it to be used as a security and home automation sensor.

The detector includes two sensors.

PIR (passive infrared receiver)

Monitors changes in infrared level and movement that indicate a persons presence. Once detected, the unit sends an alert to all the Z-Wave devices it is associated with.

Light Level sensor

Measures a room's ambient light level (lux) allowing it to trigger an event when the light level is above or below a pre-set level. For instance, when the room is dark and movement is detected the unit signals to the controller to turn the room's lights on - lights come on automatically when you walk into a room.

The motion detector is battery-operated, an alert will be sent to the central controller and the units LED will flash when the battery level becomes too low. It also includes a tamper alarm that sends an alarm signal if anyone tries to prevent it working.

Everspring Application Notes

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