Z-Wave Hank Scene Controller 4 Buttons

by Hank

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Z-Wave Hank Scene Controller 4 Buttons is a portable and wall-mounted Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller that can control up to 3 scene / devices per button.

  • Wall-mounted and portable Scene Controller
  • Controls up to 3 devices / scenes per button
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low battery status alerts
  • Firmware Updates Over The Air (OTA)
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified

Hank 4 Button Scene Controller

The Hank Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller is a wireless, portable and rechargeable device. It can control Z-Wave devices such as smart plugs or intelligent dimmers after being included in a Z-Wave controller. You can also use it to activate scenes.

This scene controller can perform 3 different actions per button, depending on the type of support: short press, support maintained, support released. Operating with a rechargeable battery with a lifetime of 3 to 6 months it will be very easy to recharge it by connecting a USB cable to its micro-USB port. There is no need to change the batteries!

In addition, this scene controller has a fetaure to alert you when battery is low (less than 20%) or when communication has failed. An RGB LED is included to give you visual information. This scene controller is also equipped with the Z-Wave scope test function.

A Z-Wave controller (remote control, dongle) is required to integrate this module into your Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave Plus

The Z-Wave Hank Scene Controller 4 Button is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information