Z-Wave Nodon Smart Plug

by Nodon
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Low-cost smart plug

  • Remote On/Off function
  • Z-Wave connectivity
  • German standard (Schuko) or French (Type E)
  • Power Failure Notification
  • On-plug controls

Use the dropdown below to choose the socket type

Nodon Smart Plug offers a better, connected and intelligent solution for controlling any electronic device in your home. The plug-and-play device can be inserted into any wall power outlet in your home to make it instantly smarter. Appliances connected with the smart plug can then be conveniently controlled via your Z-Wave home automation gateway, or through other controllers, such as the NodOn Z-Wave Soft Remote or Nodon Z-Wave Wall Switch.

Use the dropdown above to choose the socket type based on your location. The smart plug comes in two variants: German standard (Schuko) or French (Type E)

Run Automatic Schedules

Z-Wave devices that are connected to the smart plug can also be scheduled to automatically turn on or off based on your interactions with them. Want to automatically turn off your microwave? Or, want to remotely turn on your air-conditioner while you're still on your way home? Nodon Z-Wave Smart plug is an intelligent plug that allows you to extend your home automation network to run schedules and remotely control any device in your home.

Power Failure Notification

The Nodon Z-Wave Smart Plug can be used to power devices that draw up to 3.000W continuous load and 3.500W temporary load. It comes with main power outage detection that notifies you in case the device is turned off due to interrupted power supply.

Plug-and-Play Device

NodOn designed the smart plug to work with German standard (Schuko) or French (Type E) sockets. It's plug-and-play, which means it can be inserted into any compatible wall socket and controlled easily by pressing the button on the side.