Z-Wave Nodon Wall Switch

by Nodon
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Wireless Z-Wave Wall Switch

  • Dual-channel connectivity
  • Control Z-Wave Devices
  • Easy Installation

Use the dropdown below to choose from two colours variants


Z-Wave NodOn® Wall Switch is a wireless smart switch that lets you take remote control of connected Z-Wave devices in your home automation network. The innovative wall switch from NodOn is battery-powered to provide convenient and flexible installation. It also comes with easy-to-install wall mounting plates for convenient and hassle-free installation.

The smart wall switch comes in two colour variants: Cozy White and Cozy Grey that can be selected from the dropdown above.

  • Control Z-Wave devices wirelessly

    NodOn® Wall Switch can be configured to wirelessly control Z-Wave devices in your home automation system. The Wall Switch can be used to remotely control (turn on/off) upto two groups of Z-Wave devices with 2 half buttons. When used indoors, NodOn wall switch can be configured to operate and control any device that's within 30 metres of distance.

  • Superior Battery Life

    Z-Wave NodOn® Wall Switch is powered by a light-weight CR2032 battery that promises a lifetime of 1.5 to 2 years.

  • Easy Installation

    NodOn Switch comes with wall mounting plates, which can be installed with screws (not included in the packaging) or simply using double sided strips at the back of the wall plate.

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