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Vera Secure

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Meet VeraSecure, your home's new 24/7 "security guard"

  • Ships with FREE UK adapter
  • Controls over 220 Z-Wave devices on your network, perfect for larger homes
  • Multi-protocol home automation controller: Z-Wave +, Zigbee, Bluetooth and 433MHz (VeraLink)
  • Faster processor with more memory for maximum performance
  • Built-in powerful alarm siren
  • Built-in backup battery and 3G backup
  • Remote access using your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Easy user interface for setup and daily use
  • Over 300 free downloadable Vera applications to expand your system
  • Power supply and ethernet cable included
  • Includes a European (Schuko) power supply

VeraSecure, the new security guard in your home!

VeraSecure is an easy-to-install comprehensive home controller/alarm hub. It's like a security panel in a box. Just add sensors, cameras and locks - choosing from dozens of brands - and VeraSecure does the rest.

VeraSecure does more than security - you can adjust thermostats, control lights, garage doors, and more. Operate everything from one easy app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


VeraSecure works with major wireless protocols: Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and VeraLink *; As well as brands such as Nest, Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, Aeotec, First Alert and many more. Add exactly the devices you want - motion detectors, cameras, locks, thermostats, dimmers, etc.

*VeraLink supports the following 2GIG devices at this time: Door / window sensors (3 variants), motion sensor, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, glass break sensor, tilt sensor, keyfob (4 buttons)and a panic button. Note: At this time all devices are 345MHz (U.S. frequency) only. There are no 433 MHz (EU frequency) devices available yet.

There are over two thousand devices that can work with VeraSecure. VeraSecure Home Controller is the central hub for creating security or smart home scenes. Scenes give you the power to simply and easily customize your Vera controller to work with devices exactly the way you want. Combine devices such as cameras, lighting and sensors to personalize your system's scenes (Check the list of compatible products).


Built-in piercingly loud Siren Alarm alerts neighbors and scares off intruders.


Battery and cellular backup systems keep your home protected even when power and Internet go out.


Requires no monthly fees. Compared with cable-TV and alarm companies you'll save plenty!

Emergency "Panic" Button

For use with VeraProtect 24/7 monitoring service.

Replaces the Old Security Panel with an App for Phone, Tablet or PC

VeraSecure provides superior home protection compared with those old-fashioned wall-mounted security panels. With VeraSecure, you can view security cameras, check door locks, know if your garage door is open, see kids arrive home safe and more, all from your phone or computer, from anywhere!

Get Home Automation Convenience Too

VeraSecure does more than security - it's a full-featured home automation controller that can adjust thermostat, control lights, garage door and more. Operate everything from one easy app on your smartphone (or tablet or computer.) Use GeoFencing to sense when you arrive home to turn on lights, air conditioning, and more automatically.

Wireless connections are compatible with everything

VeraSecure works with just about all brands of sensors, cameras, door locks and other home security and automation devices. VeraSecure speaks five different wireless "protocols" - Wi-fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth LE and VeraSecure™ (433 MHz). You can wirelessly connect just about any device from any brand with VeraSecure.

Provides total peace of mind

Home security isn't just about detecting intruders. What happens if your smoke detector triggers when no one is home? What if your basement starts flooding? VeraSecure can also turn on lights automatically so you'll never arrive home to a dark house again. Watch your child arrive home safely, and know who else enters your home, and when.

Vera App

The Vera App controls your entire VeraSecure system, including all the devices working individually or together. Even if a device has its own app, you won't need it - use the Vera app instead. The free Vera app runs on smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets, or in a browser on any Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linux computer. You don't have to choose between them - use your computer when home and your smartphone when away. VeraSecure will continue running 24/7 to monitor your home, regardless of whether you have the app open.


Modes are a powerful feature that lets you control all your devices at once. There are 4 Modes- Home, Away, Night and Vacation. You can customize how each Mode works.


The Current Status Card displays at the top of the Dashboard and offers a quick check of overall Vera system status. You don't have to check each window sensor to know that all windows are closed and the alarm system is "Armed", for example.


Control any device based on another device. Turn on an outdoor light when a sensor detects motion. Or set an alert, to get a text whenever a door is opened. Timer scenes use the Controller's built-in clock to turn devices such as lights and lawn sprinklers on or off. Or use your phone's location to Geofence.


Use your cell phone location to automatically control your system. As you arrive home your garage door will automatically open. Or leave the house and lights will turn off, doors will lock, and your thermostat will set to reduce energy use. Just be sure to carry your phone!


Your Vera system can have as many users as you like. Everyone in your family, or everyone who works in your small business can have a different username and password. The Vera app lets you set permissions and notifications for each user.


Your Vera system can send you a text or email alert to notify you (and other users) of just about anything that happens in the system, such as when a door or window opens, a motion detector trips, someone unlocks the door, a smoke detector trips, and much more!

Z-Wave Plus

The Z-Wave VeraSecure is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information

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