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Z-Wave Vision Deadbolt Door Lock with Handle

by Vision
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  • Keypad and conventional key access
  • Up to 13 user access codes
  • Supports additional temporary access codes
  • Keypad enables access code programming
  • Works stand-alone or as part of a Z-Wave network
  • Remote activation by alarm panel, PC, or mobile phone
  • Fits all conventional doors without modification
  • Battery operated - requires no wiring

The Vision ZM1702 wireless deadbolt door lock is ideal for home or office installation.

It supports up to 13 unique user access codes and also supports additional temporary access codes for specific times of day, days of the week or for specific periods of time. This is really useful if, for instance, you have workmen visiting who will need temporary access while you are away.

The door lock can be operated using the keypad or remotely from an alarm panel, PC, smartphone or even via the Internet.

For additional security, all access attempts, whether successful or not, are logged by the PC.

The ZM1702 fits all conventional doors, so long as they are at least 38mm, and can be installed with the handle left or right hand facing. It is battery operated and requires no additional wiring.

Although the ZM1702 can be installed as a stand-alone door lock it is best used as part of a Z-Wave network installation. Take a look at the Z-Wave Vera controller.

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