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ZipaBox Security Module

by Zipato
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Connect Wired security sensors to the Zipabox

  • Easy Installation
  • Snaps into expansion slot
  • Outputs can power connected devices
  • Input for optional siren/bell

The ZipaBox Security Module can integrate your wired security sensors and devices with your Zipabox, enabling you to create a variety of possibilities for making your home secure.

The ZipaBox Security Module has many features, including:

  • 6 wired zones (expandable up to 24 using 4 additional Security Modules)
  • 1 optically isolated 12V input
  • 1 supervised wired bell/siren output
  • 1 programmable output
  • 1 supervised 12V auxiliary power supply for powered wired sensors
  • 1 USB port
  • 1 serial/UART port, user selectable between RS-232 mode and half-duplex RS-485 mode
  • 1 lead acid battery charger

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