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Proxi Shade and Awnings Controller

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Intelligent shade management for your home

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Remotely control blinds, awnings and screens
  • Grouping and access management
  • Real-time notifications
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Easy Installation

Proxi Shade and Awnings Controller

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Proxi Shade-- Main

Controlling Your Blinds is Now a Tap Away.

Proxi Shade provides a intelligent and connected solution for controlling your blinds and screens wirelessly from your smartphone, without the need for a central controller. The smart radio module allows you to control blinds, screens and awnings, and control them at the tap of a button.

Proxi Shade can be used to control your window shades in your home or to wirelessly control projection rooms in workplaces. The device can be installed easily in the electrical housing, and can configured to work with a wide array of devices.

The innovative framework by Proxi also provides the capability to provide regulated access to your family and lets you create your own customized settings. The Seed Control app that controls the Proxi Shade is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and can be paired via Bluetooth.

Get the Perfect Shade for Your Day

Remotely Control Blinds

Proxi Shade gives you the freedom to control your blinds, screens and awnings remotely from your smartphone. The device uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smartphone, eliminating the need for a central controller.

Proxi Shade Control

Proxi Shade Smartphone

Control in Your Hands

The Seed Control App turns your smartphone into a remote control. It allows you to configure, connect and group the connected Proxi Shade from a simple and easy-to-use application.

Proxi Shade Inside

Smart Inside. Beautiful Outside.

Proxi Shade is meticulously manufactured to the highest industrial standard, putting it in par with global market leaders. It's designed to provide you a seamlessly connected experience for controlling almost any electrical device.

Control the Connected Devices From Your Smartphone


Proxi app-- Remote control

Remote control

Control your connected Proxi Shade remotely without a switchboard, controller or WiFi router.

Proxi_App-- Wireless

Wireless communication

Two way wireless communication of information between the phone and Proxi Shade.

Proxi app-- Notification


Real-time display of device status, activity, alerts and diagnostic information.

Proxi App- Location-based functions

Presence Sensing

Automatic control of Proxi Shade within range and detection of user presence using Apple iBeacon.

Proxi App-- Access Management

Access Management

Configure devices in public or private mode and provide controlled access to Proxi Shade.

Proxi App-- Personalization


Create customized settings, personalized groups and define your own graphical overlays.

Proxi app-- group devices

Group Devices

Simultaneously control other connected Proxi devices within groups from the smartphone app.

Proxi App-- Multi-platform Support

Multi-Platform Support

Smartphone apps for iOS7 or Android 4.3+. Can be paired with Bluetooth Low Energy functionality.

Easy Installation

Momit Thermostat- Weather Forecast


Proxi Shade is easy to install, and can be plugged without demolishing your walls.

Momit Thermostat- Temperature


Download the Seed Control application from Play Store or App Store for your smartphone or tablet device.

Momit Thermostat- Heat Control

Take Control

Control Proxi Shade from any corner of the world, with just a tap on your smartphone.

More Information
Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Power: AC 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Voltage range: -20%, +10%
  • Rated power consumption: 1W
  • Radio Connection: Bluetooth 2,4 GHz
  • Signal Strength: 1 mW
  • Transmission type: Two directional
  • Encoding: Yes
  • Number of Relays: 2
  • Receivers: 0,6A AC-3 / AC 230 V
  • Input: 150W for resistive loads
  • Controlling Current: <= 1 mA
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C,+50°C
  • Operating temperature: 0°C, +45°C
  • Humidity: <= 85% (without water vapour condensation and corrosive gases)
  • Dimensions: 49 x 44 x 25 mm
  • Type of Housing: Junction box
  • Overheating Protection: Yes
  • Autonomous Mode: Yes
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