Installing Nest Thermostat and Heat Link

This guide shows how to install the Nest Thermostat and Heat Link (Gen3) to control your existing heating and hot-water systems. The official Nest Installation guide shows typical systems, but may be a little confusing when you look at your heating controller/timer. This guide is designed to show common installations - they should be very similar to what you find when you look in your heating controller.

To get this guide please contact us at Get Vesternet APNT-140, please include your order number.

IMPORTANT - Only available to Vesternet Customers

This guide is only available to Vesternet customers who have purchased the Nest Learning Thermostat from Vesternet.

We work very hard to test products and create these guides. We are perfectly happy to provide them free of charge to our customers, but cannot afford to have them freely available on the website for just anyone to use. Hope this makes sense

Installing Nest Thermostat and Heat Link

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Updated: 09/03/16