Configuring Devices in Zipato

This application note shows how to set a Z-Wave device’s configuration parameters in the Zipato ZipaBox central controller.

Most Z-Wave devices have numerous configuration parameters that you set to make the device work how you want it to in your installation, this application note uses a Fibaro Dimmer module as an example device in the Zipato control center.


Zipato Control Center

  • Log in to the Zipato Control Center at -
    • Note - you need Internet access to log in to the Zipato Control Center

Zipato Control Center


  • In the 'General' section click 'Active' under 'Total Endpoints'
  • In the list of devices, select the device you wish to configure and click its base device - in this example 'Fibaro FGD211 - v1.9 -v1.10'


Selecting the device to configure


  • Go to the 'Configuration' tab
  • All of the device's configuration parameters are listed in numerical order with their full parameter name and default states set
  • Zipato have added dialog boxes for each parameter - setting them is simply a case of pressing a button or selecting a value from a selection list


Zipato - Device Parameter Window


  • When you've changed the parameters values click 'Save'
  • In the Zipato Control Center click the 'Synchronise' button and wait a few seconds for the device settings to be transferred to the device
  • You can also rename the base device to a name you prefer and select a room in the 'General' tab


Take a look at the video to see just how easy this is in practise.

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