Technologies Explained

Smart Home Ecosystems

Friends of Hue Works with Nest IFTTT Alexa
HomeKit Lightwave

Home Automation Communication Protocols Explained

What is Z-Wave? What is Z-Wave Plus? What is Alljoyn? What is X10?
What is ZigBee? What is EnOcean? What is Insteon? What is Bluetooth Smart?
What is WiFi? What is Ethernet? What is RFID? What is a Proprietary Technology?

Expanding your Home Automation System

Using Z-Wave and LightwaveRF Together Using Z-Wave and Nest Using Z-Wave with Philips Hue Using Philips Hue with Nest

Technology Comparisons

LightwaveRF or Z-wave? X10 vs. Z-Wave? Insteon or Z-Wave? Insteon or LightwaveRF?

Z-Wave Untangled

Understanding Z-Wave Networks, Nodes and Devices The Guide to a User Friendly and Stable Z-Wave Network How do Z-Wave Controllers and Devices Work? Z-Wave Technology: Groups, Scenes and Associations


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