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Controlling Somfy 24V Blinds with Fibaro Relays

This guide shows how to control Somfy Sonesse 24V blind motors via Z-Wave using the Fibaro 2x1.5Kw Relay.

Somfy have a wide range of blind motors available depending on whether you would like 230V AC (mains) or 24V DC power supplies.

This guide focuses on the Sonesse 30DCT (24V) motors.

We also have guides for other Somfy systems:

Somfy Sonesse 30DCT (24V) Blind Motor

The Somfy Sonesse 30DCT is a 24V DC motor capable of operating roller blinds.

Somfy Sonesse 30DCT Motor WiringFigure 1: Somfy Sonesse 30DCT Motor Wiring

The standard wiring for the Sonesse 30DCT is shown in Figure 1.

The 30DCT has two plug connectors

  • 2-Pin (Power) - these cables are connected to the 24V power supply
  • 3-Pin (Control) - these cables are taken to the wall switch that allows you to control the motor (Up and Down)

The wall switch consists of two momentary switches (Up and Down). By pressing and releasing the 'Up' or 'Down' buttons the motor will wind the blind in that direction until it reaches its 'End -Stop', at which point the motor will stop. The Sonesse 30DCT has mechanical 'End-Stops' that are adjusted to set the blind's fully open and fully closed positions.

Installing the Fibaro Relay

The Fibaro Fibaro 2x1.5Kw Relay is a dual-channel relay capable of controlling two 24V loads. In this application it duplicates the functions of the wall switch by behaving like two momentary switches.

Somfy Sonesse 30DCT Motor Wiring with Fibaro Relay (FGS-221)Figure 2: Somfy Sonesse 30DCT Motor Wiring with Fibaro Relay (FGS-221)


Once you have the 2x1.5Kw relay wired into the circuit and included into the Z-Wave system, you need to change two of the relays configuration parameters so that it works correctly in this application.

External Momentary Switches

The 2x1.5Kw Relay is configured by default to work with external toggle switches, so you need to change parameter 14 to 1 to enable it to work correctly with the momentary wall switch.

Relay to act as a Momentary Switch

When turned On wirelessly (Z-Wave) the relay would stay On until told to turn Off. In this application we need it to behave like a momentary switch, so that it turns off after a short period of around 1 second.

The relay includes an automatic off delay timer for each channel, these delays are controlled by parameter's 4 and 5.

Fibaro Dimmer Parameter Setting:

The following parameters need to be set:

  • 14 - 1 - enables the dimmer to work with a toggle switch (default is 0 for a momentary switch)
  • 4 - 10 - turns channel 1 off after 1sec (setting is in 0.1s increments)
  • 5 - 10 - turns channel 2 off after 1sec (setting is in 0.1s increments)

You will now have Z-Wave control of the Somfy 30DCT motor..

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Updated: 30/06/2014

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