We’re not a shop. We’re a Compatibility Platform powered by thousands of dedicated smart home customers worldwide...

Home automation is complex when you consider the various components & technologies involved. And to make things worse - a lot of products which are meant to work together, just don’t...

In other industries this kind of thing isn’t a problem since many products work alone or in small numbers. But a true smart home represents a huge array of different components, all interacting with one another thousands of times a day as you go about your life.

Over the past 10 years we’ve solved this complexity problem... We link every smart home product by their compatibility status to one another - meaning you can safely choose products knowing they will work.

We do this by asking our community of real users to report their findings, which results in user generated data from thousands of individual reports & compatibility ratings.

This data helps us suggest the right new products for every corner of your home, so they’re compatible with everything you already have installed. And this means you get a personalised smart home solution that learns your needs as you expand.

We back all of this up with our industry leading support resources, comprising custom guides, videos & world class technical support.

“Simplifying smart technology through categorisation & education”

  • 2007 - Founded as hobby selling ZigBee components
  • 2008 - Customers reach 1000
  • 2010 - First full range of Z-Wave in UK
  • 2012 - Range increased to over 2000 products with rapid growth
  • 2015 - Smart home goes more mainstream - leads to even faster growth
  • 2016 - Compatibility concept launched in beta. 100,000 customers served
  • 2018 - Vesternet 2.0 launched as Compatibility Platform in response to customer demand

Compatibility Network

Thousands of product compatibility ratings & alerts make your smart home purchasing effortless

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Trusted By Thousands

Excellent 5 star service, from over 3000 Trustpilot & Google reviews

Phase Kits

Only the best products combined into mini packages that solve each phase of your smart home journey

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Lifetime Support

Direct access to our smart home experts for one-to-one technical help whenever you need it

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365 Day Returns

We help you all the way on your smart home journey but returns are free & simple with our guarantee

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Self Install

We give you 100’s of custom guides & videos covering everything you need to self install

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