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Home Automation control of Heating

Inteligent Heating Control

What can Home Automation bring to your Heating?

Your heating system is probably already controlled from a timer, so what more can home automation bring? Well in just a few words, more comfort, lots more convenience and reducing your energy bills by intelligent control of your home's heating and temperature. And in a single word - Intelligence!


You decide which areas of your home are heated, when they're heated and to what temperature. For instance you may decide you want the rooms heated to 18°C in the morning, 12°C during the day and 20°C in the evening. The home automation system handles it all for you - no need to worry or think about it.


No need to go around your home changing room or radiator temperatures, they can look after themselves based on automatic schedules or when the relatives come to visit. Just as importantly, you can operate them from your smartphone whether you're at home or away. You can change the heating, even if you're stuck in traffic!


Create zones that can be individually turned On/Off or be set to different temperatures through the day. This really delivers smart home living, allowing you to only heat the parts of your home that you need, helping save money and waste. You can even create zones in systems that would otherwise have needed expensive plumbing and changes.

Saving Energy

You can significantly reduce your energy costs by intelligently controlling your heating - even small changes can have a big impact. It's not just about controlling the time and temperature, it's also about using other components of the home automation system to create intelligent heating. For instance my son's bedroom is the warmest in the house. When it get's too hot, his solution is to open his window, which works quite well in January, but wastes a lot of heat. An intelligent solution is to fit a detector to the window, when the window is opened, the home automation system automatically switches off the room's radiators helping to reduce wasted heat and save costs.

Intelligent Heating - Choosing the Right System

Adding intelligent wireless control of your heating has real benefits and it's relatively easy to do using home automation systems from Vesternet. We offer a variety of systems that cover a wide range of heating systems. Some are stand-alone solutions and others can worth within a wider home automation system. The one that suits you will depend on what your needs are, if you need any help just contact us at Sales - Heating.


Z-Wave is a wireless home automation technology supported by many vendors. It enables you to easily build a system that covers your complete home and it will automatically tell you the status of your heating and the temperature of each zone - you always know what's happening in your home.More Information...

Honeywell Connected and evohome

The Honeywell Connected range of products allow simple, easy wireless control of all central heating systems. Whether you want simple control of a single zone system from a smartphone or tablet, or if you want to complete multi-zone control of an existing heating system - Honeywell has a solution for you.More Information...


The Nest Learning Thermostat is definitely one of the most beautiful thermostats available on the market today - the Nest developers have taken this ubiquitous device and given it a true 21st Century spin! Featuring innovations such as constantly learning from you and your family's behaviour, it adjusts itself on an ongoing basis to control your heating as efficiently as possible. The new 3rd generation version adds even more features and can control your hot water as well!More Information...


The netatmo solution connects directly to your home's Wi-Fi network and is great for single zone, heating only, control - it's one of the most stylish Thermostats we've ever seen and literally comes with everything you need in the box!
More Information...


The LightwaveRF range of heating products allow you to control your heating together with your lighting via LightwaveRF. This system provides basic single or multi-zone control of radiator based systems and electric panel heaters. Take a look at the full range of LightwaveRF Heating products.


The Tado Smart Thermostat will control your heating from anywhere. You have full control of your heating (but not hot-water), you can control it from your Smartphone or tablet and includes Geolocation so your heating turns on automatically as you approach home. Take a look at the full range of Tado Heating products.

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Updated: 12/09/2016

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