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Yale Smart Living Keyless Connected Smart Lock




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Yale Keyless Smart Lock

Leave Your Home in Safe Hands. Go Keyless with Yale Smart Lock.

Take complete control of your home with Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock that unlocks doors smartly, wirelessly and securely. From entering a security code to using a smartphone, you choose how you want to open your door. Want to provide limited access to your cleaning person or family member? You can now control who can access your home, with the smart lock providing the flexibility to provide selective access to users for a pre-defined time period.

The Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock comes with tamper proof alarm and incorrect PIN code locking feature that protects your home in case of suspected intrusion. The smart lock runs on batteries, so that you don't have to worry about the electricity going down. It also comes with extended connectivity, which means you can now connect your smart lock to different Yale modules or control your lock using the Yale Smartphone Alarm app.

Set schedules for people. Remotely add user credentials. Audit trails for user entries. Lock and unlock doors using the remote fob or key tag. The Yale Keyless smart lock adds lots of security features to your home, making it truly smart. Although electronic, the smart lock also comes with advanced weather protection technology that just works normally, whether it's rain or snow. It also comes with reversible fitting that allows it to fit on left or right hand hung doors.

Yale Smart Living Convenient

Smartness Redefined

No need to worry if your children arrive home early, or you're stuck in traffic with friends at your doorstep. With Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock, you can now control who can access your home and for how much time, without sharing your keys. For instance, you can set a PIN code that works for 24 hours for a cleaning person or arriving guest.

Yale Smart Living Connectivity

Wireless Z-Wave Connectivity

Make your smart home system complete. The Keyless Connected smart lock can connect to leading Z-wave smart home systems, including Samsung SmartThings, which means you can trigger multiple scenes and secure your home smartly.

Yale Smart Living Easy to Use

Simple to Use

The smart lock system adds tons of features to your door locking system, but does not take the simplicity out of it. The door can be unlocked with PIN code, keyfob or even your smartphone-- you decide how you want to access your home. The backlit keypad assists you when it's dark, allowing you to accurately enter code, even when your arrive home late.

Yale Smart Living Security

High Standards of Security

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock provides you the peace of mind you need. The lock transmits an unique signal, so that only you can unlocks your door. In addition to a tamper detection alarm and incorrect code locking feature, the smart lock comes approved by the Police Secured by Designed scheme.

Yale Smart Living Always On

Always On

The Keyless smart lock comes powered by 4 AA batteries that power the smart lock, so that you don't have to worry about accessing your home when electricity is down. It also warns you in advance when the batteries are running low.

Choosing your Yale Keyless Lock

The Yale Keyless lock is available in three versions - Connected Ready, Yale Alarm Compatible and Z-Wave Compatible. All versions can be opened and closed using the included Yale RF tags and RF card.

  • Z-Wave - works as part of a Z-Wave system allowing it to be wirelessly controlled. It can be operated by Z-Wave, manual PIN entry or Yale RF tags and cards.
  • Yale Alarm / CCTV Ready - can communicate and be controlled as part of a Yale wireless alarm or CCTV system. It can also be controlled by Yale RF tags and cards.
  • Connected Ready - this version does not contain a wireless module so cannot communicate with Yale or Z-Wave systems. Wireless modules are available to enable it to communicate with Yale or Z-Wave systems, or to be controlled by a Yale Keyfob. The connected ready can be controlled by Yale RF tags and cards.

Technical Details

  • Code free access via a latch holdback.
  • Sequential code with 1,000,000 possible combinations.
  • Wireless:
    • Connected Ready - no wireless module
    • Yale - includes Yale wireless module to work with Yale Alarm and CCTV systems
    • Z-Wave - includes Z-Wave module to work with Z-Wave systems
  • Zinc die-casting
  • Suitable for external doors and weather resistant.
  • Contents: Lock Keypad, battery pack, 1x RF Tag, 1x RF Card
  • Battery: 4EA 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (Operating voltage: 4.5 - 6V)
  • Front body measurement: 35mm (W) x 355mm (H) x 22mm (D)
  • Operating temperature: -15°C to 55°C
  • 2 years guarantee
4.67 / 5.0
3 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Works as expected
Very easy to fit and worked well with my Vera Plus controller. I only use PIN codes so can't comment on tags and card operation. Only negative is that it always reports batteries at 10% so difficult to know when to change them. I recently migrated to Homeseer which also works well with this lock but also reports 10% battery level, hence only 4 stars and not 5.
26 Sep 2016
1 year ago
Works well
The device included easily with my VeraEdge Controller. I can easily add/remove Pin codes using the controller and set restricted times for pins to operate etc. The unit allows plastic key tags to be used to open the lock when they are presented to the keypad. Key tags can come in the form of a credit card or a tag the size of a 50p coin. However, these tags cannot be controlled by the VeraEdge controller - you need to associate them with the lock using a master code. So you cannot send replacement tags by post without divulging the master code. Use of pins to open the lock as well as false attempts are reported in the Controller, However, use of the key tags is not reported. Unit has always shown 10% battery. I recently received an alert saying there was 1% battery, but it still shows 10% in the controller. Given this a latch style lock, battery failure could be critical, there is no key alternative. In the event of battery failure, you need to place a 9v battery on the terminals exposed under the unit - perhaps not something visiting guests will be expected to be able to do. Well built unit, looks and feels like a proper lock, more than can be said for some others.
22 Mar 2016
Does what it says on the tin
Easy enough to install. Included into my Z-Wave network fine. Vera allows you to set codes, unlock door from Vera works every time. Bridged to Indigo 6 works great as on/off device (Lock/Unlock). Only annoyance is it report 10% battery to Vera so no idea when the battery will run out.
5 Jan 2016
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Does anyone know if these can have their firmware updated? I have 2 of them, one has firmware 11.32 and the other has 12.32. The 11.32 lock doesn't work as well as the 12.32 so I'm assuming it's firmware related. Can they be updated somehow?
Huw T. 28 Nov 2017
Hi, I'm thinking of getting this and the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock. I'd like to use Z-wave plus the key fobs. My question: Can i program one key tag to work on both locks as having to carry two key tags might not be ideal.
Robbie H. 9 Mar 2017
description says that it only works on timber doors. I wonder why it doesn't work on steel doors?
Tuncay S. 24 Aug 2016
Will this lock work on an outward opening door?
Clive H. 12 Aug 2016
BEST ANSWER: This item is just a replacement for a normal Yale- type barrel. as with a key, when its activated it simply turns the metal tongue at the back. In other words, whatever you can do with a normal barrel lock, you can do with this. To have a door to open outwards, you need to reverse the striker - best look at a You Tube site - search for "LocskOnline - How to reverse a night latch" ... it's very clear.
I have an existing nightlight latch with a 40mm backset. Can I use this lock with it?
Rjm2803 29 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: The installation instructions tell you it needs to be 60mm. But I've just fitted one to an existing Yale nightlatch at 40mm and it works fine. I did ring up Yale and someone from the appropriate department called me back very quickly. I explained that after checking the existing fitting and lining it up on the door I could see no reason why the new lock wouldn't fit. They told me the 60mm is only to make sure the lock doesn't catch on the door frame. In my case I'm happy to shave a little off the door frame rather than drill another 32mm hole into the door and have to fill the old one. And they said fine - at my own risk of course. I did have to shave about 3mm off the edge of the door frame, but only where the lock made slight contact with the frame, and you can't even see it. I'm very happy with how it works and looks, and very pleased I didn't have to mess the door about too much with more holes and filling. Obviously each case would need to be looked at carefully, but it can be done. The only snag now is I bought a new night latch I don't need!
will this work with a 5 lever lock?
damo m. 15 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi. By a 5-lever, that sounds like a mortice lock rather than a night-latch style lock. If it is a mortice lock, then this will not be suitable as it is designed to work with a night-latch style. If you email us directly at we will be able to help you further.
Are these locks waterproof? Can they be placed on an external gate where both sides are outside and exposed to the weather?
Neil R. 7 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: The keypad part of the lock is waterproof - this can be placed on the external side of the door. But the battery and control sections which are mounted on the inside part of the door are not water-proof. So you could not use them on a gate with both sides exposed.
with ref. to review about the reporting battery level - is there way of getting into the house if the battery is flat ?
MFK11 13 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, there are two contacts on the the outside of the lock at the bottom to which you apply a small Duracell MN1604 cell for emergency power. This battery cell also used to be known as a PP9 and is the small flat style often used in some small torches and smoke alarms etc. I hope that helps
Has anyone ever approached their insurance company re these locks? I have seen on one of the reviews (and Yale's own site) that it shouldn't be used as a primary lock on a front door and should be used with an approved 5 lever deadlock which of course completely defeats the object of this. My night latch from ERA does state it is insurance approved (on their website) so wondered whether adding the Yale rim part would negate this?
New pond 22 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: As far as I know, many insurance companies now expect a front door that has a night-latch style lock to also have a mortice. Some night-latches are full BSI approved, in those cases you'd probably not need a mortice. This is usually because BSI night-latches include a dead-lock mechanism. However, the Yale Keyless doesn't support those types of lock. It is best to confirm this with your insurance company.
What RFID tags can be used with this? I have seen various wristband styles from other manufactures and wondered whether all RFID tags are standardised?
New pond 21 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: The Yale lock uses the Yale RF Tags - One tag is included with the lock, and as you can see, additional tags are incredibly cheap. You can have up to 20 tags per lock.
Hi i was wondering can you remotely set door entry codes for guests to let themselves in, or does someone physically have to set up codes on the door?
Guest Visitor 12 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: This depends on which version you get. The plain version (with no module) can only be operated with a PIN or RF tag, you would set the PIN on the keypad. If you have the Z-Wave version, then the lock can be operated from a Z-Wave system as well as PIN and tag. The PIN number can be changed via Z-Wave (so you can change it remotely as the Z-Wave system can also be accessed remotely).
How do i lock or open the the door from inside?
Mazen 19 Dec 2015
BEST ANSWER: From the inside the night latch operates exactly like a normal night latch. This device basically substitutes a normal key operated lock with one operated by turning a knob on the outside below the keypad. The knob always turns, but only when unlocked will it engage and pull the latch out of the door frame so that the door can be opened. The lock can be unlocked so that the knob on the outside can open the door either with a PIN code, swipe card, swipe fob or remotely via z-wave if you choose that optional modul. From the inside the door can always (even if locked) be opened using the standard nightlatch. If it has a further small knob to retain the latch open or closed, that functions normally too. As the locking/unlocking simply prevents the latch from moving (when the outside knob is turned) rather than moving a mortice lock, battery life should be decent. Flipside is that people say insurance companies don't accept a night latch. We use a mortice lock too but checking comparison sites many insurance companies seem to offer a policy even if you select a night latch as the lock on your main door, so check with your insurer.

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