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Z-Wave Aeotec Clamp Power Meter


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Aeotec Home Energy Meter, Keep Your Eye on Your Electricity

The Aeotec Power Meter Clamp enables you to measure the power consumption of your entire home. It can report actual consumption (in W) and the accumulated power used (in kWh), enabling you to understand when and how you use electricity, which allows you to make decisions on how you can reduce your energy consumption and energy bills.

Clamp G2 Edition

The Aeotec Clamp is the G2 Edition, it is Mains-Powered only, and it cannot use batteries or a USB Power Supply.

Please check your installation carefully before ordering.

Number of Clamps

    The meter is available in 1-, 2- and 3-clamp versions

  • 1-clamp - works in a 1-phase supply, it is suitable for most home installations
  • 2-clamp - ONLY works with a 3-phase supply, it CANNOT be used with a 1-phase supply
  • 3-clamp - ONLY works with a 3-phase supply, it CANNOT be used with a 1-phase supply
Clamp Size

The meter is available with different clamp sizes suitable for 60A, 100A and 200A supplies

  • 60A - suitable for cable sizes up to 10mm (60A)
  • 100A - suitable for cable sizes up to 16mm (100A)
  • 200A - suitable for cable sizes up to 24mm (200A)

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Clamp Rating: 60, 100 and 200A with 1% accuracy
  • Clamp size: Fits cables up to 10, 16 and 24mm
  • Metering: current consumption (W) and accumulated consumption (kWh)
  • Push-button: On/Off, inclusion, exclusion and association
  • LED: indicates device is active
  • Power: 230V only
  • Rating: IP43 - withstands most outdoor weather conditions
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 108 x 67 x 30mm (unit), 1,400mm (leads)
  • Aeon Part Number: DSB28-SWxx
4.17 / 5.0
6 Reviews
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Great power monitoring device
And to the reviewer that said its not suitable for home monitoring, you simply are wrong and clearly don't nderstand what you are talking about! There are several versions of this device with number of clamps ranging from 1 to 3. If monitoring a standard home, get the single clamp version and if monitoring 3 phase in a business etc, get the 3 clamp version. Simple!
21 Feb 2016
very good
it was good enough to acheive the goal i was targeting , but the manual need to be more clear for installation , or just bigger fonts :)
15 Feb 2015
Surprisingly accurate
In my previous review (entitled: "Perfect for monitoring home energy usage") I have stated that this power meter can react to 10W consumption changes, but not 5W changes. I was wrong. After additional testing I can now say that it reacts to consumption changes as low as 1W, which is quite amazing! this is a great energy meter for any private home!
12 Jan 2015
Perfect for monitoring home energy usage
I have bought the 1-clamp, 60A version of the Home Energy Meter to monitor the total power consumption of my home. I have a 1-phase, 230V European system. I was a little skeptical when I ordered it because: - I did not know if it would be easy enough to use. - I was especially afraid that it would not be accurate enough because the specs state that it has a 1% accuracy. For 60A that means 0.6A and multiplied by 230V it means that the accuracy is 138W. A device that only detects usage changes that exceed 138W would not be very useful, especially for determining the passive usage of your home. But this power meter turned out to be everything I desired: - It is quite accurate, it seems to be able to detect usage changes of around 10W (my experiments show that it reacts to 10W, but not to 5W changes). - It is super easy to use, I just added it to my Z-Wave network and it started reporting the power usage right away. - Although it's not specified anywhere in the manuals, it does not only provide real-time energy usage (Watts) and total usage (kWh), but also real-time voltage (Volts) and current (Amps) measurements. - Works great with RaZberry and the Z-Way software - Works great with the Domoticz software The only negative I can find is that the meter is a little bulky and it does not fit into a usual breaker box, so you have to install it outside the breaker box (with cables coming out of the breaker box). It does look OK, though, it's not ugly at all. It's white and simplistic. About buying this item from Vesternet: Positive: Vesternet has super detailed tutorial articles that made it so much easier to use this product and when I asked a question, they have replied almost instantly. Thank you! Negative: I was promised 1-3 days delivery and the item arrived in 14 days. It was Christmas and new year, but still 14 days is a long time compared to 3 days maximum. Out of these 14 days 5 days passed until Vesternet shipped the item and 9 days were wasted by the couriers (UK Royal Mail and DHL).
11 Jan 2015
great idea but fundamental flaw
Even small businesses are unlikely to have 3-phase supplies and certainly no standard house would have a three phase supply - it's just not for the purpose advertised - a 'home'
28 Feb 2014
Great Product
Thanks to Mark I am able to setup this device. He is really very helpful. The device works great, now I'm able to read my voltage using per day.
29 Nov 2013
Browse 9 questions Browse 9 questions and 9 answers
Would it matter if the 200A clamp version is used on a 50A installation? I want to use the device to turn of devices in my home, before the ability of my 20kVA 3-phase backup generator is exceeded. The idea is to watch the power drawn on each of the phases and when any phase is approaching the limit of the generator, to turn of high current devices like geysers / under floor heating etc.
Hendre C. 3 Jun 2017
We are using a home center lite. Once the 3 clamp meter is installed on the fuse board and added to the hcl. Will the power consumption come up on the consumption panel? Or is there any parameters need to be changed ? Thanks.
Guest Visitor 30 Dec 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would think it would be shown on the consumption panel as the HCL adds all devices that report electricity usage to the total house usage. It also shows the totals per room. This is all from memory though as I'm using HomeSeer3 on a Raspberry Pi 3 these days. HTH.
I want to monitor a house with a 3 phase energy supply, but the loads inside the house are monophasic, that is various sections of the house, with monophasic loads are distributed between the 3 phases of the supply. Is it the 3 clamp device suitable for monitoring the electric power in my house in this situation, or is it suitable only for pure 3phase loads (3phase engines, heaters, etc)?
eugene 15 Nov 2016
BEST ANSWER: I believe it is designed to monitor the 3 phases separately. However as the clamps were too small to fit my supply cables I've never installed it so can't be definitive.
I have the 3 phase version. The total cumulative energy usage reported by the device is about 1/3 less than the consumption measured by the utility meter (and yes the device does measure energy consumption on each phase). Do others find the measured consumption is the same as their electricity meter?
Guest Visitor 9 Aug 2016
Will it work for measuring power consumption of 3 different devices? I want to connect each clamp to different device, and read the power usage of each device. is it possible?
Guest Visitor 7 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: The 3-clamp version can only be used in a 3-phase supply - we highlight this heavily in the description. If you have a single phase supply (which almost all UK homes do) then you must use the 1-clamp version.
My consumer panel cable measures 10.7mm in diameter. I'm assuming I need to order the 16mm clamp as my cable exceeds the size of the "10mm clamp". Can you confirm that the 10mm clamp can't accommodate this extra 0.7mm as I only really need the 60A capability offered by the 10mm version?
Andrew O. 12 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: We've not measured these exactly, but I would say the 10mm clamp will fit your cables. The cables tend to be standard sizes, so a fraction of a mm will not make a big difference.
Hi Got solar panels on my roof feeding in to the grid. Will this still tell me what I'm pulling from the grid?
john 27 Mar 2015
BEST ANSWER: If this system has 2 clamps then it can be used to tell whether you are using energy from the grid or not... I use a Watson solar plus with the "easy fit" option which is similar to this. Clamp 1 around main grid input to the house. Clamp 2 around solar generation feed. But of maths needed in your controller now.... Clamp 1 shows draw from grid, clamp 2 shows solar generation so clamp 1 minus clamp 2 tells you whether you are in generation mode (a negative result) or using energy from the grid (a positive result). The result from the above calc could then be used to turn on a socket that has an electric rad plugged in when it reaches the required wattage :)
Hi! I have a question about the installation of the 1-clamp, 60A version of this power meter into a EU breaker box. If you open the PDF manual ( and look at the "Diagram of EU/AU version (1 phase)", you will see that the connection of the blue and brown wires into the breaker is ambiguous. The diagram shows that the wire colored brown should be connected to Neutral and the wire colored blue should be connected to Live. But the brown wire has a text label attached which says "Blue" and the blue wire has a text label attached which says "Brown". I suspect that the labels are accidentally messed up (interchanged among themselves). So my question is: which wire goes where? Brown to live and blue to neutral or the other way around? Thank you!
Andras 7 Jan 2015

It looks like they have used the wrong colours on the cables, but have used the correct labels. So Brown should be connected to Live and Blue to Neutral.

Hope this helps.
In compatibility table HEM3 is fully compatibly with HC2. But I can't see in fibaro energy panel energy consumption front HEM3 G2 (firmware version 1.5). How I can setup my HEM3 to use in HC2
Ilya 19 Jul 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hi, Can you please submit a technical support request and we can then who you how to have this worming in HC2, including screenshots etc. To submit a request, please send an email to

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