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Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor


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The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a universal Z-Wave multi-sensor that combines a PIR (Motion), light, temperature and accelerometer (vibration) sensor, all in one tiny package. The Fibaro Motion Sensor is battery powered device and designed to be installed quickly and easily on any surface.



Fibaro Motion Sensor


The Fibaro Motion Sensor expands the comfort of your reality. Create custom scenarios, so you can forget about nasty situations and enjoy the luxury of safety - its watchful eye will detect any intrusion or attempted sabotage, fire or other threats. Now you know and see more!

Colour announces motion and temperature

The multicolour LED pupil of the FIBARO Motion Sensor indicates when motion is detected or the room's current temperature. Set the colour and its intensity to your liking and, as soon as you enter a room, you will know what the temperature is.

Fibaro Motion Sensor LED


Small is beautiful!

The world's most advanced technology has been enclosed in a flawless white casing. With a diameter of less than 44 millimetres, you will love it at first sight!

Fibaro Motion Sensor Size


Intelligent object recognition

One of the main features of the Fibaro Motion Sensor is its excellent ability to detect even the slightest motion. Given that all rooms are different, you can also adjust the Motion Sensor’s sensitivity to suit its location in the house, your individual needs or a particular situation.


Fibaro Motion Sensor Recognition

Count the guests

After installing Fibaro Motion Sensors on both sides of the entrance to your home, you will always know how many people entered or left your the house or room. No need to worry about a teenager being home alone. The Fibaro Motion Sensor will tell you what time he or she went out, came back home, or how many visitors he or she had.


Fibaro Motion Sensor Counting


Fibaro Motion Sensor Alarm

Remind you to set the alarm!

Did you leave the iron or lights on when leaving in a hurry? Forgot to arm the alarm? No worries!
The Fibaro Motion Sensor will detect the lack of motion in the house and inform the Home Center about it. Then the pre-programmed scenario will notify you, or automatically arm the alarm, close the windows, turn off the lights and all unnecessary devices, and lower the heating temperature.


Temperature correction

The Motion Sensor has a built-in temperature sensor to meet all your needs. The temperature at ceiling level is different to that close to the floor. All you need to do to get the heating temperature right is to measure the temperature at floor level, and tell the Motion Sensor to compensate for the difference.

Using with VERA

The Fibaro Motion Sensor does work with VERA, but make sure you read our Knowledgebase Article - Using the Fibaro Motion Sensor with VERA

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • 4-in-1 Sensor: Motion, temperature, Light and accelerometer
    • PIR: 7m detection and 2.4m recommended installation height
    • Temperature: 0 to +40°C (±0.5°C)
    • Light: 0 - 32,000Lux
  • Tamper Alarm: Yes
  • Push-button: Wake-up, inclusion and exclusion
  • Rating: Dry (Indoor) conditions
  • Power: 1x CR123A (3.6V) battery (supplied)
  • Dimensions: 44mm (dia)
  • Firmware Versions: v2.6
4.50 / 5.0
16 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Doesn't work with VeraPlus
Won't set up with VeraPlus unless you go through their help desk
28 Aug 2016
7 months ago
Good device with HS3
All information is provided in HS3 except battery status reporting. And this is subject to the firmware. The newer versions work fine. Very easy to setup.
4 Jul 2016
1 year ago
Best sensor ever
I love this sensor a lot , everything works as expected , only the mounting sticker is not good enough , you have to drill it to the wall , other wise it may fall after sometime
24 Mar 2016
7 months ago
Small and Cute Sensor
Up and running with Domoticz in under 5 minutes and faultless in operatiion
28 Jan 2016
9 months ago
Although I had trouble connecting this device to my Samsung st the advice I was given was second to none and the returns procedure was straightforward. Would definitely shop there again
20 Jan 2016
9 months ago
Much smaller than it looks
The pics do not do this sensor justice, it's tiny. Ping pong ball sized infant. Setting up and changing settings was simple on my vera controller, temp reading and lux reading were expected values so I'm fairly confident in its accuracy. Tested as an alarm trigger and so far so good. Build quality seems really high
1 Jan 2016
10 months ago
Elegant, reactive and low power
I really like this clever little ball - it's got a lot of features for its small size - it's about the size of a table tennis ball (so not as big as a standard PIR detector) and has a tiny battery inside that's still at 80% after nearly a year. The way it blinks with a colour co-ordinating with the temperature of the room is really clever. If there's any downside, it's that the mounting piece is a little flimsy, but I've never had to move it, so that's fine. This could be used as a room motion detector for alarms, lights and even as an early warning fire detector, since it measures temperature as well. I may well buy more.
13 Dec 2015
1 year ago
Good all-round sensor at a good price
An good-looking sensor with an amazing number of customizable parameters. Works a treat with my Homeseer system.
29 Oct 2015
So Small
These devices are great, I bought the everspring ceiling mount and standard motion sensors when i first bought into zwave devices, the ceiling device is fine but battery life on the other type drove me crazy and are a pain to change. These fibaro devices have a really nifty mount and make it easy to re position and change battery's, they just clip in essentially. They could be considered cute but I actually never even notice mine. as for the size - they are only slightly bigger than a golf ball.
22 Apr 2015
Clevel and very neat
Just bought this - VERY quick delivery. Few thoughts on it. It looks quite freaky in the pictures but it is so small it is quite cute - even my wife thinks so! Includes into HomeSeer HS3 easily took about 10 seconds (and I'd forgotten how to put my Aeon Stick into Include). battery, motion, movement and light all working. (Not too many earthquakes in Devon though.) Nicely made, solid, but half of it is taken up with the 3/4 size battery! Says not external but think this could easily be put into a housing that would protect it. Not cheaper, which is a shame - but then quality seems good. Overall - I have a horrible suspicion I'll be buying another dozen of these........
25 Sep 2014
Great little sensor
Tiny sensor which looks good and is very discreet.
2 Sep 2014
Acts as a network diagnostic too!
I am using this sensor with a Raspberry PI and Domoticz software. All functionality is available. The sensor has been reliable and has recorded motions / temperatures and light levels faithfully. Of special note is the ability to use the sensor as a mobile network connectivity tester: the device can be moved from room to room and the flashing LED will indicate the quality of the connection back to the controller. If a "dead" spot is located, then the device attempts to re-route and then shows the resulting connection quality. Very handy for doing an initial survey or for trouble-shooting an existing installation. Domoticz has a specailly nice connection map that can help in this process.
23 Aug 2014
Easy to configure and use
Works perfectly with my HC2 and are key to my room lighting control. Very discreet. Would buy again
4 Aug 2014
like the motion senders from Fibaro
i bought 4 motion sensor from Fibaro and is very satisfied with them. good quality and very small. They function very well and is precise. there at a lot of things that can be customized, to fit my needs. thumps up from me.
30 Apr 2014
Didn't work with Vera
Sensor did not work with Vera, but MCV support were able to give me a link to a beta version of firmware which supported it. Potential buyers should be aware of this issue.
21 Apr 2014
Very small but powerful
It seems to work well, the motion range seems particularly good and the unit is discrete if not slightly unusual. Have not been able to test all functionality as Domoticz can only 'see' the PIR and Temperature.
11 Apr 2014
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Why did you choose this?
Vesternet Store
Price is good and it is working fine with domoticz
Yanko M. 19 Aug 2016
Price is good and it is working fine with domoticz
Yanko M. 19 Aug 2016
Does its job well.
Paul F. 15 Aug 2016
Does its job well.
Paul F. 15 Aug 2016
A bit strange but fun. We us emit to turn on lights in rooms that we don't use all of the time as well as for security. We use it with SmartThings and it works well for motion detection. It also shows light level and temperature.
James D. 18 Jul 2016
Best sensors available.
Chris S. 5 Mar 2016
Reviews seem good, R&D shows good results and on here and on the video suggests it pet friendly. Also works with Smart Things
Craig H. 29 Feb 2016
On special offer
Jeff L. 27 Feb 2016
I have one running on a Fibaro HC2 and the performance and reliability has been exceptional. Battery life is also excellent.
Ray D. 26 Feb 2016
looks like the best you can get ...
KEVIN S. 17 Feb 2016
Why did you choose this? "Good quality vs price"
Arto H. 9 Feb 2016
Looks excellent product for money need away of monitoring internal temps in house
David H. 23 Jan 2016
I already have one of these and it works nicely with Homeseer 3
Bruce H. 14 Jan 2016
Apart from being the smallest, most design-friendly motion sensor, it also works! I've been running 3 for almost a year to test the concept and now rolling out to all rooms. Very sensitive to movement - I happen to use them more to measure occupancy/control lighting than for security.
Paul P. 30 Dec 2015
Needed an additional light sensor. Already had one of these which has worked flawlessly.
Michael C. 30 Dec 2015
Presence and Thermostat features. Hooked up to SmartThings hub and work very well.
dave s. 19 Aug 2016
Presence and Thermostat features. Hooked up to SmartThings hub and work very well.
dave s. 19 Aug 2016
Just one incident in 3 years when all the motins sensors at hoe became mad at a time and started sending all on/off commands to all my entire network. I had to remove/add them all again. Never diagnosed if it were the devices or the controller. I´m happy with them, will buy some more in the future for other romos.
Javier M. 15 Aug 2016
Just one incident in 3 years when all the motins sensors at hoe became mad at a time and started sending all on/off commands to all my entire network. I had to remove/add them all again. Never diagnosed if it were the devices or the controller. I´m happy with them, will buy some more in the future for other romos.
Javier M. 15 Aug 2016
Small good looking motion sensor. Ideal for controlling the bookcase lamps!
Gary B. 16 Apr 2016
Great value multi sensor
Guest A. 2 Mar 2016
reliable little things, great at all the detections they cover
Guest A. 28 Feb 2016
To add to an existing sensor network and replace older more battery hungry sensors
Simon A. 27 Feb 2016
I have been using the dusk times to control lights, but this will take it to the next level of adjustment, so I can use the lux levels to get it right and also turn the lights on in the day if it is a dull day.
Gavin W. 26 Feb 2016
Very good reviews and ability to link to smartthings
christopher G. 16 Feb 2016
We use this in the lounge to turn lamps and christmas tree lights on and off and will also now turn the television off when the kids walk out the room and don't go back in.
Laura W. 27 Jan 2016
The number one motion controller
Barry 22 Jan 2016
Excellent device. Got about 12 of these now scattered around the house to detect motion and turn on lights if the lux was too low. Also used them over Christmas to switch on the tree lights if motion was detected with a relay insert.
Stuart W. 7 Jan 2016
Already got one for testing. Surprisingly concise device. Will use to fit out the house.
Alastair C. 30 Dec 2015
A handsome and multi purpose sensor just what I was looking for at a good price. Will be buying another soon.
Michael W. 22 Dec 2015
Is it only me or someone else is having problems with this one and RaZberry? As FMS is not reporting motion sensor state to Z-Way software and temperature is acting weird - one moment is about 21 degrees and next minute it is about -76? I've tryed to associate it with Group 2 (Motion) and Group 4 (Motion BC), didn't work either. At one moment I've done HTTP device parsing motion sensor value change in command classes, but it is not working as well. It looks cool, I'd like to keep it, but these problems are making me bit dissapointed.
Igoris B. 11 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: Just a quick reply. I've not had any issues with temperature, I have had the FMS logging temperature over a couple of weeks. I have also found out how to bind the PIR, temperature and luminescent such that any change in value triggers a Python program in the Pi. I've not done anything special with it except the binding. There is a link on the net to this.
Wow, these look cool. Can they be used as a room thermostat with Honeywell's Evohome system? This would mean we wouldn't need separate room thermostats, possibly helping with ROI on buying them (new home build). thanks!
Ken J. 3 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi, the Fibaro sensor can work as a thermostat but only through a suitable Z-Wave controller that would in turn send signals to radiator thermostats working with the same Z-Wave system, which would also need to be connected to the boiler. Sounds complicated but it's not really. I don't think the Evo Home system is Z-Wave compatible, but it might be able to be connected using a work round. Get on the Fibaro site and I am sure the forum will clarify this.
can this work in singapore?
Teoh L. 27 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. Singapore uses the same Z-wave frequency (868MHz).
Can someone advise where the advanced configuration options such as motion sensitivity, pulse counter and temperature measurement are in UI7 please? The support details on here seem to be for a different Vera firmware. I want to change the temp from F to C and change the sensor sensitivity but cant see the options under the device in UI7
Leigh S. 20 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: This guide shows how to add parameters in UI7 - As the Motion sensor is a battery device, you must wake it up and press "Configure Node Right Now" - otherwise the new configuration settings will not be received by the sensor as it will be asleep. The temperature scale is a global value and you set that in the main settings page as shown in -
Does this device work with the Vera Plus and UI7? and what version of the product ships from Vesternet?
Paul W. 8 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: The Fibaro Motion sensor works fine with UI7, always has done. We've not seen any notable issues on them. We always have the very latest version in stock. This is one of our highest running devices and probably turn the stock every week or two, so we never have old stock. Hope this helps.
What is the IP rating of the Fibaro motion sensor?
1 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: I would say it's IP51 to be safe. The casing is tight when the battery cover is in place. It's definitely not a product for Outdoor environments, and Bathroom environments are questionable since there are no seals. It's worth contacting Fibaro, using the Fibaro forums or checking the technical documents for further information.
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