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Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor

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Eye pleasing, minimalistic design

Almost all of the smoke sensors available on the market were designed with just one objective in mind – discovering potential threats. Hardly any of the manufacturers paid any attention to design. Naturally, smoke sensor is to save lives. However, like most of other sensors, smoke sensor is a device installed in visible places, e.g. on ceilings. That’s why Fibaro designers decided to combine uncompromised safety with functionality and beautiful design that fits in any interior. Fibaro Smoke Sensor is a perfect sensor, that combines beauty with new technology, to protect your home and family.

Minimalistic design - Smooth lines, polished surface and small size. Combining these Fibaro created the most beautiful smoke sensor ever made.

Visual and acoustic alarm - Fibaro Smoke Sensor will let you know of a discovered threat with multi-colour RGB LED diode and built-in sound siren.

Polished grille - The grille not only looks great but also lets in even the smallest amount ot smoke, allowing for quicker reaction.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Minimalistic Design


Ultra small housing and ultimate perfection

With dimensions of 65x28mm Fibaro Smoke Sensor is probably the smallest wireless smoke sensor in the World. Advanced production technology allowed to significantly minimise the sensor components, making Fibaro sensor the most advanced device of that type available on the market. Its perforation lets the smoke into the sensors chamber. The better made, the smaller amount of smoke is needed to discover threat and trigger the alarm. Each hole was electrochemically shaped, so that smoke entering the housing is accurately guided into sensor’s chamber. Detecting fire quickly, Fibaro Smoke Sensor provides ultimate protection, minimizing damages.

Not only a smoke sensor

Some materials burn without smoking. That’s why Fibaro engineers decided to include additional protection in Fibaro Smoke Sensor in the form of temperature sensor. If the amount of smoke will not be enough to trigger the alarm, the device will still be able to detect threat discovering a rapid change of temperature caused by fire. Rapid temperature change or rise up to 54C degrees is enough for Fibaro Smoke Sensor to discover threat and report household members about it. Only this type of smoke sensor provides high efficiency, regardless of what is burning.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Temperature Sensor

One sensor, many possibilities

While designing Fibaro Smoke Sensor, Fibaro had all possible usage scenarios in mind - from powering modes to compatibility with various alarm systems and wired or wireless communication. As a result, you can install Smoke Sensor wherever you need it, regardless of whether you can connect a power supply, walls allow for wireless communication, or what type of wired alarm system you have. Fibaro Smoke Sensor will satisfy all your needs.


Battery or a wall socket powered

You can connect the sensor to 12 or 24 VDC adapter if you wish. Or leave it in battery powering mode and enjoy up to 3 years uninterrupted operation.

Alarm systems compatibility

Sensor allows for integration with almost any of wired alarm systems available on the market.

Wired or wireless

Thick reinforced walls interrputing wireless communication? You can connect Fibaro Smoke Sensor to an alarm hub with a wire.

*Depending on the parameters set

You decide about the action

Your intelligent home will help you protect your family from fire and other threats. You decide what action Home Center is to take in case of fire, flood or break-in. In case of Smoke Sensor, discovering threat can result in opening roller blinds, opening garage gate and windows, and illuminating safe escape route. You can also manually run a safety scene, performing all life saving actions at a touch of a button on your mobile phone or tablet.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Action

Sensitivity calibration

Fibaro Smoke Sensor offers advanced options for configuring sensors sensitivity. Sensitivity may be different, depending one where you install the device. In kitchen, very sensitive sensor could trigger the alarm even when you fry some meat, that’s why it should be less sensitive, helping avoid irritating false alarms. In other rooms, where smoke presence is less likely under normal conditions, sensor should be set to the maximum sensitivity in order to provide the best protection.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Sensitivity

Connection check and Tamper prevention

Correct operation of a smoke sensor is extremely important. That’s why Home Center 2 polls the sensor every hour checking whether it works properly. Having discovered any problems with communication or sensors operation, system will notify you immediately.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor has a built-in tamper prevention function. Any tampering with the device or attempt to dismantle it will be recorded and inhabitants will be notified about it. Any attempt to disconnect the power supply, steal the sensor or any other sabotage attempt will result in immediate reaction.

Built-in tester

Faultless communication guarantees your home safety. Smoke Sensor is a battery device, which not only prefectly tests the Z-Wave network range, but also performs the self-test, informing system’s main controller it’s ready to detect threats. Incredibly efficient process, performed automatically every 5 seconds, allows the system to monitor sensor’s operation. The test may be triggered manually as well. All you need to do is to press and hold the button located in the center of the sensor’s enclosure and wait for signaling light.

Smoke Sensor will inform you about its current state with a colour. The built-in LED glowing green means the device works fine and you are safe.

Automatic software update

This high-tech Smoke Sensor allows for fully automatic software update. Once an update is available, providing new functionality or improving the device operation, the sensor will automatically suggest download and will install the software without wasting your time. Home Center 2 will make sure your Smoke Sensor’s software is always up to date, providing you the maximum safety.

Guardian of your home

Safety of your home inhabitants is a top priority. That’s why Fibaro designed their system from the start to provide not only the highest comfort, but also to make sure your family and your belongings are safe. Beside the Flood Sensor and Door / Window Sensor, Smoke Sensor is one more Fibaro System component, improving the quality and safety of living, while caring of your family. Fire alarm turn off the iron immediately.

Z–Wave network range tester

Built-in RGB LED signaling diode may be used to signal the Z-Wave network range. Correct communication with Home Center 2 controller is the base of well functioning Fibaro intelligent home system. The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can communicate with an alarm system hub by wire or wirelessly with the Z-Wave network. Even if the Z-Wave network range is too week to allow direct communication with Home Center 2, each of the system devices may repeat radio signal allowing for installing Fibaro System components in the farthest nooks of your home.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Range Tester


You cook, I ensure safety

Fibaro Smoke Sensor is the obligatory guest in your kitchen. Each time you prepare the favourite meals for your family, it makes sure you don’t forget to close the gas or take a roast out of the oven. Incoming threat of fire or … burned meat will be quickly discovered and reported for your convenience, safety, and enjoyable sunday lunch.

History of alarms

Each of the discovered threats is recorded and stored in sensor’s and main controller’s memory. All of them may be constantly monitored via mobile devices interface or Fibaro web page.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor - History

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Sensors: Smoke and Heat (temperature)
  • Power: Battery
  • External Power: 12-24 VDC
  • Output Terminal Voltage: 40V (AC or DC) max.
  • Output Terminal Current: 25mA max.
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 65 x 28mm
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What was anounced
This product is great. Works well, very aesthetic and good build. Of course you can't say that it works on smoke and fire until you have a smoke or fire... But until now it works well... had some difficult on detecting how to make it awake to my razberry, but after this it went smoothly.
31 Jul 2017
Smoke Alarm on Z Wave
What great little bit of kit....
17 May 2017
Fantastic but tricky
Well thought out and works well but like all battery operated devices, can be tricky to get onto the network. I had to force the unit to wake up (triple press the middle button three times) around three times before all the configuration data was through to the controller (zstick/openhab). Works well with openhab. Only gripe I've had is diagnosing the intermittent beeping it keeps giving off, however I think this was a low signal warning as it's stopped since installing a mains powered (extender) dimmer module in the ceiling of the kitchen below.
16 Jun 2015
Great little device
It's not easy to write a review of an alarm or smoke sensor as the normal condition is that you don't want it to sound. However the Fibaro smoke sensor is a great little device. Installing it and including it in a Fibaro HC2 based system was straightforward. I placed it on the upstairs landing at the top of the stairs close to an old smoke alarm that I no longer trust to work. The Fibaro one is a fraction of the size of the old one. It is designed to be very discreet. The fact that it like all battery powered devices informs the controller of its battery state is a real comfort. It is almost impossible to ignore a battery warning on the HC2 - especially if set up to send e-mail notifications.
1 Sep 2014
Fibaro smoke detector
This does not work with Vera as the current software does not recognise the new functionality.
26 Mar 2014
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Why did you choose this?
Vesternet Store
Fantastic smoke detector which allows a me to link my intruder system with my zwave.
Domenico C. 15 Aug 2016
Fantastic smoke detector which allows a me to link my intruder system with my zwave.
Domenico C. 15 Aug 2016
Who could fail to love a smoke detector in such a discrete package? Couple that with z-wave integration (and it monitors temperature as an incidental benefit), so you can choose how to alert everyone, and make a safe exit in an emergency. It's not mains-powered, but you are notified when the battery is running low.
Paul P. 30 Dec 2015
Who could fail to love a smoke detector in such a discrete package? Couple that with z-wave integration (and it monitors temperature as an incidental benefit), so you can choose how to alert everyone, and make a safe exit in an emergency. It's not mains-powered, but you are notified when the battery is running low.
Paul P. 30 Dec 2015
Z-Wave support for Smartthings network
Bevan T. 10 Apr 2016
Z-Wave support for Smartthings network
Bevan T. 10 Apr 2016
I tried to expose the device to direct fire heat and paper/wood smoke but it doesn't trigger... broken?
manuelsal 8 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: For support and help with products purchased from Vesternet it's best to raise a Technical Support request using one of the following methods: 1) Click on the "Support" link at the top of any page of the Vesternet web site 2) Complete the form at 3) Email One of our Technical Support team members will be glad to assist you further!
Does this smoke sensor work via an app without the need for the controller, similar to a Wemo where no other controller is required?
Matthew H. 17 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes it does require a Z-Wave controller:
Hi, is the Z-Wave Fibaro Smoke Sensor fully compatible with Samsung Smartthings?
Toby M. 29 Dec 2015
BEST ANSWER: This device uses standard Z-Wave Command classes, so should work with SmartThing. However, you would need to check with SmartThings to confirm compatibility. As we understand it, ST needs a device handler for each device. In theory standard Z-Wave devices will include correctly into ST, but unless there is a Device Handler for a device you may not be able to use all its functions, or change configuration settings. Generally, these Device Handlers are created by ST or the ST community and made available from within the Smartapps area. ST has a European compatibility list, but this doesn't yet have new products added to it - As we get more information from customers about which device work with ST we will also update our own Z-Wave Compatibility Guide - Hope this helps.

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