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Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W

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Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center Lite Compatible

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  1.    This itemZ-Wave Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W
  2.    Z-Wave Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2



 Fibaro Dimmer 2

The Next Step To True Intelligence

Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer insert module retrofits into an existing light switch enabling you to wirelessly control lights. The new Dimmer 2 is a true universal dimmer - automatically selects the most suitable dimming type (trailing-edge or leading-edge) based on the bulb type used. It measures the power being used and reports that to the Z-Wave system and it is fully Z-Wave Plus certified - offering increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA).

Intelligent Light Recognition

Using the unique, specially designed algorithm, Dimmer 2 recognizes the type of a connected light source and calibrates itself to set proper values. Now you can be sure that lights in your home are controlled in the optimal way.



Compatible With Both 2 and 3 Wire Systems

The Dimmer 2 is designed in such a way that it can be used in both 2 and 3 wire electrical systems. It may be used as a switch with non-dimmable light sources (in 3-wire connection) so you can use it in older electrical systems as well.

Also, the Dimmer 2 incorporates a number of security features protecting the device from overheating, overload and voltage drop. Should any of these happen, you will be notified immediately.



Power Metering

The new Dimmer 2 features power metering functionality. You can view the energy consumption of your home in clear charts and graphs, and use it to reduce your  monthly bills.

More Convenient Connectors

The Dimmer 2 is equipped with large connecting terminals which simplify the installation process. You can connect it to wires of a larger diameter and make the installation faster.





Scene Management

Dimmer 2 offers an extremely intuitive scene management. The device will turn one of the light switch buttons into a scene trigger. Activating a selected scene becomes as simple as turning the light on. Just press the button while entering the room!



User-Friendly Configuration Menu

The built-in RGB diode is a perfect source of information during the installation process. It will show you when the Dimmer 2 has been included to or excluded from the network. You will see whether the calibration or  software update have successfully completed. You can also check the Z-Wave network range.



Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD212) Main Features:

  • Works with incandescent bulbs, 230V halogen, 12V halogen and dimmable LEDs
  • Detects the bulb type and adapts the dimming behaviour:
    • Trailing-edge dimming - incandescent and halogen bulbs (resistive)
    • Trailing-edge dimming - LEDs and other resistive-capacitive bulbs
    • Leading-edge dimming - transformers and other resistive-inductive loads
  • On/Off mode - supports non-dimmable loads (3-wire installation)
  • Monitors and reports power - instantaneous (W) and accumulated power (KWh)
  • Auto-off Timer - turns lights off after programmed time period
  • Maximum load 250W (resistive), 225VA (resistive-inductive) and 200VA (resistive-capacitive)
  • Supports 2-wire (no neutral) and 3-wire installations - further information is in our 2-wire/3-wire guide
  • Second switch input for controlling additional associated devices or 2-way installations
  • Various switch types - momentary (default), toggle, 1-way and 2-way
  • May require Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2 for loads less than 50W. Only use Dimmer Bypass 2 (FGB-002) - do not use the old FGB-001 Bypass as this will cause damage to Dimmer 2!

Z-Wave Plus


The Fibaro Dimmer 2 is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information


Technical Details

  • Wireless: Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus (868.42MHz)
  • Voltage: 110 - 240V AC
  • Loads:
    • 50 - 250W Resistive
    • 50 - 225VA Resistive-Inductive
    • 50 - 200VA Resistive-Capacitive
  • Power Consumption: < 0.8W
  • Range: up to 50m (outdoors) and 30m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 43 x 38 x 22mm
4.00 / 5.0
17 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
SmartThings - Some setup. Worked well
UK two-wire install, coupled with Samsung SmartThings. Installed two of these. Chose 'dimmers' because of the two-wire install. Also got some bypass modules but there was no need couple with the LED bulbs. The light switch wall boxes were too shallow to install behind the switch so went for above the light fitting (in the loft). Easy as was a bungalow. It meant snipping the two wires (live + switched live), leaving you with four tails, connected to the appropriate module connectors. So, easy to splice in. The light immediately goes into calibration mode going through the dim->bright range. Originally, my light fittings had CFL bulbs, but switched them out for LEDs. Before adding the module to the Zwave network however, grab a copy of 'codersaur' Fibaro device handler for this module at: Then, add the zwave module. Two techniques, either pushing the small button on the module, or, the light switch. Whilst it's suppose to be done three (3x) times, i always go for 3-6x, just to make sure. I didn't have any problems adding them to teh Zwave network. They were immediately recognised by teh device handler. Unsure about switch behaviour defaults, I also set parameter; 20 (switch type) = 1 (toggle) 22 (switch behaviour) = 1 (device status is synchronized with switch status) Again, the device handler makes it easy to set the parameters, although, ensure that any highlighted in red have some defaults set (eg, logging level, night mode, etc). I've automated the lights when we're "away", and also controlled the brightness level via the app. There is a very very small delay between hitting the switch and the light coming on, as the switch is now instructing the module rather than applying electricity directly. Very pleased. After the first module install, the second one (now an expert) took 5 minutes.
1 Jan 2018
Low quality Build
For vesternet it took really fast to deliver. great packing. I am totally new to the technology, so things going slower, but I have to say that it doesn't work smooth (sure i will be able to fix with some support) which is dissapointing, and the plastics and wire connections are fragile and weak. Took me a lot (i mean a lot) of trials till it was included in the network (VeraPlus, 2-wire config.) even then it wasn't included in the normal way. and now it can't be turned on to 100% (it lights up and immediately shuts down and lights back on on 1%) and the toggle switch open's the light only to 1%. again, sure it will solve, just shame it doesn't work well straight from the box.
10 Sep 2017
Not worth the time
A good product when fitted, but not worth the money due to the time taken and complexity involved. By the time this is fitted, it will cost you more than Lutron or Rako lighting, so think carefully.
12 Jun 2017
Great once its all set up
This took a little more work than I expected in order to set up but I wanted a 2 wire dimmer solution that could work with my smartthings hub. If you're using LED bulbs you will need to purchase a bypass too in order for this to work. I installed the Bypass in the light rose on the ceilings and the dimmer at the switch obviously (once I'd installed a deeper back box in the wall to accommodate it). Like I said it took time to get it working correctly but its working well with Alexa now. :-)
13 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Great product for smart home. I recommend to all Amateurs and professionals. The store sent the item very quickly, to the Russian product was 14 days.
2 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Works great with smart things
Took bit of time to wire up (2 way) but works great. Note if you have toggle switches (standard in U.K.) it two clicks to turn on and off. Got it hooked up to smart things and works a treat. Highly recommend
1 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Don't necessarily need bypass for LEDs
I'm using this successfully with 16x 6W dimmable LEDs without needing the bypass. I am using a neutral connection though, and did need a bit of tinkering with some of the parameters to get it to successfully dim down to the lowest level. I had great support from Vesternet in doing this though - fantastic customer service. For info, I'm using with Vera Edge. In the standard UI7 interface it shows a pesky "can't detect device" error, even though it controls it just fine. I'm not too bothered though as I use ALTUI instead.
29 Oct 2016
Not for the feint of heart
Comes configured for momentary switches. Needed to modify the device handler for SmartThings to work with UK toggle switches. Once working is very cool
11 Oct 2016
1 year ago
It only works on LEDs wirh dimmer bypass
Easy to wire in and just about the only one that can be used in UK households but expensive for what it is. Especially as I had to buy the bypass for it to work on my LEDS.also you will probably need a deeper switch box. Check what's behind yours before ordering. We had batons behind most of our boxes. You can mount it in the ceiling if you want to though.
12 Sep 2016
1 year ago
A Couple of unexpected Issues
I bought this dimmer to replace a failed Fibaro Dimmer around 4 years old in a Veralite system, so I expected it to be a straight swap without any problems, however this wasn't exactly the case. A couple of minor issues have come up which are perhaps worth being aware of: When the dimmer is included on to the system it sets up the main dimmer icon and 2 child icons. The 2 child icons don't do anything but you can't delete them and they do mess up your controller dashboard. Secondly the main dimmer device continually has the message "Can't Detect Device". This is normally a big issue stopping you controlling the device and preventing scenes in which it is included from working. However despite the error messages everything seems to work properly either from direct control of the device or via scenes. I did set up a scene with some Lua code which I found on the forums which resets the commfailure variable from 1 back to 0, but this only removes the error for a short time and probably doesn't make any difference anyway. So in summary all seems to work ok, good to have the power use facility, but shame you have to put up with the above issues on the latest upgrade of this device.
6 Sep 2016
1 year ago
Best ever dimmer for z wave
I had problems initially installing it right, but after receiving fantastic advice from mark and jonatas -the support team, all worked led dims without any flicker at all, with fibaro 2 bypass. every setup is different, and il advice anyone to get advice 1st to get all thats needed, like i did
26 Aug 2016
1 year ago
Very good but awkward to wire into a landing switch circuit
Had real problems wiring this in. Took me about 4 attempts to get it working properly even with wiring diagrams. Works fine now though I doubt I would like to repeat the experience. In my opinion it is overpriced but works well
24 Aug 2016
1 year ago
Works with a tweak, 2 wires as well
Been looking for a 2-wire dimmer for behind a switch for ages, plenty for 3-wire configuration few for 2-wire. Also needed to work with Samsung SmartThings Hub. Discovered this one by trawling Vesternet, seemed to fit my requirements. Delivery was quick, but I faltered initially; my fault, not the dimmers. If you're going to buy one for 2-wire, and intend to use LED bulbs (filament bulbs over 40W are fine) you *MUST* also buy a by-pass device (£10). What it does is gives the dimmer enough power to operate--it's not a problem for 3-wire as there is a neutral wire. Fitting was simple, it's quite small and fitted behind my wall switch easily. Fitting the by-pass, just as easy; inside the rose lamp or pendent wire in the by-pass across the bulb connection. Configuration was simple with SmartThings, picked it up as a basic device (on/off/dim). There is an additional device driver if you want it to measure the power usage as well. Would I get another, certainly.
21 Jun 2016
1 year ago
Easy to install. Lots of parameters to tweak, if so inclined. I did find the auto configuration mode set the highest brightness of the LED to be less bright than when it was used without. so you might want to go and manually change the brightness setting. Also note that if you require the Dimmer Bypass that it is significantly larger than the previous model and may not fit in the ceiling rose. Necessitated make a wider hole in the ceiling to pass it through, though at least the wires are quite long.
22 Apr 2016
1 year ago
Great dimmer but why does it require extra item to work with LEDS?
I'm using several of these with Smartthings v2 hub some configured as a dimmer and some as a straight switch. The 2 wire (no neutral) installation is excellent for UK installation. There is a better custom driver available on the Smartthings forum than the standard one customise parameters according to your needs. But why doesn't this work out of the box with low current LEDs? I was surprised that a separate bypass unit is required.
15 Apr 2016
Excellent Product
Excellent product but I would expect nothing less from Fibaro.
20 Sep 2015
Great Product
Fantastic piece of kit. Easy to install if you are comfortable with home wiring. Only downfall is due to poor British home design, I had very shallow switch back boxes and had to chip out some block. Either way, only added about 20 mins to the job and some extra clean up.. The easy part way installing the dimmers. Vesternet have a great section on how the dimmers work with a standard on/off switch. I recommend reading that too!
10 Sep 2015
2 years ago
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Vesternet Store
To dim LED lights
James S. 3 Nov 2016
To dim LED lights
James S. 3 Nov 2016
Just a test for my LEDs right now. If all is well, I'll be back for more...
Robert W. 19 Oct 2016
Just a test for my LEDs right now. If all is well, I'll be back for more...
Robert W. 19 Oct 2016
Trying out to see if compatible with my ceiling dimmable lights.
Kevin M. 8 Oct 2016
testing with ST
Sean H. 7 Sep 2016
Extremely versatile, easy to fit and configure. Works well with Homeseer.
Steve C. 15 Aug 2016
Already got one for one ceiling light, this is for the other in the same room (different circuits).
Steven W. 26 Jul 2016
To upgrade newly refurbished rooms to dimmers
Stuart T. 4 Jul 2016
Wanted something that would work with a 2-wire installation.
Martin N. 23 Jun 2016
Have 1st generation dimmers, but needed 2 additional. Using these where I've had problems dimming low wattage LEDs in the hope these will improve the situation
Paul P. 15 Jun 2016
I have purchased such ones befare, they work perfectly
Jens B. 16 May 2016
Works well with HC2
Gareth T. 30 Apr 2016
To try out. I am experimenting at the moment
James D. 8 Mar 2016
This will be my first z-wave component. Going to use this for my lighting in one room and if it turns out to be a success I will be buying more. Best thing about this product is that I can use z-wave or a standard dimmer for control of the lights.
Philip C. 24 Feb 2016
New LED downlights in bathoom renovation. Integrating with Samsung SmartThings
Ed G. 8 Feb 2016
I purchased these for the loading ability. 250W
Stewart M. 19 Jan 2016
Compatible (via community device handlers) with my SmartThings hub. Tiny device, making fitting into my drywall boxes achievable. Great wireless reception.A bit fiddly to set option codes but this is a SmartThings issue. The auto-calibration was a complete waste of time for my bulbs, but manual calibration was very easy, once you've familiarized yourself with some core concepts.
Guest T. 28 Oct 2016
Compatible (via community device handlers) with my SmartThings hub. Tiny device, making fitting into my drywall boxes achievable. Great wireless reception.A bit fiddly to set option codes but this is a SmartThings issue. The auto-calibration was a complete waste of time for my bulbs, but manual calibration was very easy, once you've familiarized yourself with some core concepts.
Guest T. 28 Oct 2016
Im building a zwave network and I have experience using Fibarro products. They just work!
Peter B. 10 Oct 2016
Im building a zwave network and I have experience using Fibarro products. They just work!
Peter B. 10 Oct 2016
Want to test out how well it works on existing LED lights
Trevor R. 14 Sep 2016
Have already few and working fine with LED. Simple to install, keeps ability to turn on/off lights classic way with switch or remotely.
Zoran S. 30 Aug 2016
The best way to switch on and switch off a light remotely
S A. 14 Aug 2016
Supposed to be very good as per reviews
Amir K. 12 Jul 2016
Best choice in terms of functionality, reliability and support for this type of product
Pete S. 27 Jun 2016
Easy to install, with tons of configuration options
Andrew C. 19 Jun 2016
Way better than existing X10 - we will see!
Joanna O. 30 May 2016
Works great with Smartthings and runs on 2 wires without a neutral which is a must for use in the UK
Guest O. 1 May 2016
Works without a neutral
Theodore M. 17 Apr 2016
best inwall dimmer I've found!
Guest A. 28 Feb 2016
looks the best dimmer module to insert in existing installation
KEVIN S. 17 Feb 2016
New Build with LED Downlights
Sathya G. 20 Jan 2016
If you were using 3-position (on/off/on) switches would you need 3core+ earth cable running between all switches in a 2-way or multi-way lighting circuit? or could this be achieved with 2 core+earth cable between switches? thanks
Steve I. 7 Jan 2018
if You use the Dimmer 2 with toggle switches in a 3-way lighting circuit, would you be able to use all 2-way switches or would you still need to use a intermediate switch in the circuit?
Steve I. 7 Jan 2018
When using the Dimmer 2 in a 2-way or multi-way circuit, do the momentary (bell-push) switches need to be 2-way switches or will 1-way switches work? (as the wiring is simplified when using momentary switches). Such as the Varilight 2-Gang 6A 1-Way Push-to-Make Momentary Switch? Thanks
Steve I. 7 Jan 2018
Does the secondary switch have to be associated with other devices or can it appear in homeseer as a switch and then used to trigger an event
Mr S. 6 Jan 2018
Can I mix halogen and LED load? I have some circuits with a mix of LED GU10 and halogen G4. Can I have them on the same dimmer up to the load limits?
Paul M. 14 Aug 2017
Can I install the dimmer 2 in the casing / base of a (custom made) a table lamp which has no other inline dimmer/switch? If not: are there any z-wave or zigbee inline dimmers on the market? I could only found one in US (Axxess). Thanks!
Sandro C. 6 Aug 2017
How many 240V GU10 Led Bulbs (Dimmable ones) can the FD2 support? I have 3 light fittings for outside my house that house 2 GU10 240 Bulbs or GU10 240V Dimmable Bulbs. I am going to use the LED Dimmable bulbs which on the box say "Use only 7 watts per bulb". So a total of 6 bulbs in 3 light housings. I'm going to wire them back to a junction box in parellel (not serial) and into then into the FB2 but was worried that 6 bulbs of this type (or even 10) would fry it? I have the original Fibaro Bypass Module also (FGB001) which I bought a few years ago but never used, could I use this if I need it? The LED 240v GU10 bulbs are "dimmable" Thanks! Andy
andyhud 26 Jun 2017
Does this need ventilation? I was planning on using these in the loft for the upstairs lighting and putting them in PVC boxes along with any connectors etc. This is to keep things neat and safe but wondered if I need to drill holes in the boxes for ventilation?
Alastair F. 31 May 2017
Use for a UK 2-wire (No neutral) switch with a 13W LED non-dimmable bulb in hallway, do I need to install with the bypass 2?
Sam L. 23 May 2017
Can I configure this device to use momentary switch for input I1 and a toggle switch for input I2 (for a associated device)?
Aron S. 1 May 2017
Would there be a minimum GU10 number of lights that would not need a Fibaro dimmer 2 ? I have a number of circuits with GU10 lights 6W X 9 in a kitchen and out in a hallway 2 way circuits of 2 each by 2 and a circuit of 4. Would I need a dimmer bypass then for all circuits.
Michael F. 13 Feb 2017
If I had a chandelier with 5 X 6W LEDs (30W total) would I need a Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2?
Tim B. 6 Nov 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have exactly the same set-up 5 Phillips 6W dimmable LED bulbs in one light fitting. Without the bypass one bulb glows slightly when the fitting is switched off. I've put in the bypass and it's now OK.
As this unit operates in two wire mode, can the unit be pre-set to work in non-dimmable mode with dimming also set to off and to run non-dimmable LED's?
_Nico_ 6 Nov 2016
BEST ANSWER: You can set this module to work in standard on/off mode via the setup software.
I look at the instruction manual for the wiring diagrams. I have two wires coming from the wall and it has no wall switch. When I moved in, it had a cheap strip light with shaver socket and its own onboard switch. I have removed this old fitting. I am planning to install an LED strip light running off 12V. I wish to use the Fibaro Dimmer 2 with bypass 2. When I look at the wiring diagram for a 2 wire setup, it assumes I will have a Wall Switch. This makes the diagram useless to me. Can anybody help with an adjusted diagram please?
Leonard v. 1 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: For support and help with products purchased from Vesternet it's best to raise a Technical Support request using one of the following methods: 1) Click on the "Support" link at the top of any page of the Vesternet web site 2) Complete the form at 3) Email One of our Technical Support team members will be glad to assist you further!
Can you fit this in the light fitting or does it have to be in the switch socket? I think it probably has to be in the switch but I want to be sure before I start drilling out space behind the switch box. Thanks!
NikBns 19 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: Either way works, but the switch socket may be easier, depending what switch you're using. - If you've got a two way and off (momentary / retractive) switch, such a the Varilight Z2DG102SRS) so you can have dim up and down buttons, then you'll need to have 3 cores (Sx S1 S2) and earth between the switch and the module. This is easier if the module is near the switch (although not impossible to do it next to the light fitting) - If you are going to be doing the switching with a single way switch (e.g. a push button or toggle on/off) then you will only need two cores and earth (Sx S1) which may already be in the wall. In this case, you could locate the module right next to the fitting if that was more convenient. If you're going to put it with the switch, you'll probably need a 50mm backbox (ideally plastic, so it doesn't block the wireless signal)
Which would work better with the Fibaro Dimmer 2? GU5.3 (MR16/12V) LED bulbs or GU10 (240V) LED bulbs? (I'm replacing MR16 halogen bulbs and trying to decide whether to convert to GU10 fittings).
David L. 19 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: I'd use this dimmer with a GU10 240v LED. don't forget the bypass module. If you're running low voltage though you might look at the LED driver instead.
How many LED GU10 Spotlights can one use with ONE Fibaro Dimmer 2? And are there any recommended LED GU10 Spotlights?
LarHedSE 1 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: There are a few things to clarify on the dimmer. LEDs are different to traditional bulbs, so the maximum load for the dimmer is 200VA. The VA value is calculated for the LEDs by multiplying the LED Wattage with it's Power Factor (typically 0.5 to 0.7). Typically we woul recommend keeping the LED load to less than 100W (this then accounts for the power factor). This is explained in detail in this guide -
How do these cope installed in metal back boxes in a brick wall? I was considering installing these in the ceiling with the light fitting, but with some of the wire configurations i have here, i will need to install deeper metallic back boxes and install behind the switches.
Stuart T. 16 Aug 2016
BEST ANSWER: Generally we don't see issues with them in metal back boxes. Strange I know as you'd expect this to cause more issues.
Will this be usable as a on/off toggle for Fluorescent tube lights?
Guest Visitor 18 Jul 2016
BEST ANSWER: We don't recommend using the dimmer with fluorescent tubes. Dimmers aren't really suitable for use with fluorescent lights, the way fluorescent work put huge in-rush currents through the dimmer which will eventually damage it. For those types of lights we would recommend using a Fibaro relay - this is a pure switch and will work better with fluorescent lights.
is this a USA frequency or EU?
Sami S. 2 Jul 2016
BEST ANSWER: This (as all Vesternet Z-Wave products) is EU frequency of 868MHz. You can always verify the wireless frequency of any product by looking in the 'Technical' tab on any product page.
Can you use this with LED spotlights that don't dim? I have a set of 6 in the hallway that 'd like to come on if movement is detected.
Angela A. 9 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: I think one of the bulbs I tested it with wasn't a dimming bulb, it switched on/off but remained the same brightness until it got down to a low percentage and powered off. There are configuration options that can be added see below: 32. On/Off mode This mode is necessary while connecting non-dimmable light sources. Setting this parameter to 1 automatically ignores brightening/dimming time settings. Forced auto-calibration will set this parameter’s value to 2. Available settings: 0 - on/off mode disabled (dimming is possible) 1 - on/off mode enabled (dimming is not possible) 2 - mode selected automatically Default setting: 2 Parameter size: 1 [byte]
I'm trying to find a good light switch to connect this. Preferably a glass finish touch pad and will allow physical control of fibaro dimmer setting. Any suggestions?
Chris R. 8 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: Finding nice switches is a problem. You really want reactive switches rather than bistable ones. Personally I like to be able to "dimmer up and down" (roller blind mode), so have gone for Click Deco Three way reactive switches, which are quite nice. The problem is with all switches is they are designed to switch high loads (10A or 6A),so the press action is a little hard, however the switches (which are modular) are affordable. Schneider Electric also do a very nice range of reactive switches as well however they are rather expensive. If you just want a single button dimmer it is best to go for a "two way reactive switch".
Does this work with switches like Schneider Clipsal with a led ambient light?
Vicardo N. 1 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: You can use the Dimmer 2 with any standard toggle or momentary (retractive) switch. But you cannot use it with switches that require power - electronic switches or ones with an indicator LED/Neon. This is because the switch is wired to input terminals on the Dimmer - these are inputs and cannot provide a power source to an external switch. Also, having a switch with an indicator LED would not really make sense as it would easily go out of sync with the Dimmer's actual state - if it were on and you turned the dimmer off via Z-Wave the external switch would still be indicating the dimmer to be on. More information about using the Dimmer 2 with various switches is in this guide -
Will this work if retrofitted into a box with a brass plate ? I'm concerned if the antenna will be able to connect to the z-wave network.
Philip C. 23 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: Good Question, Difficult answer - It partly depends on where you can situate the antenna wire in the box, but depends mostly on where the nearest Z-Wave repeater might be. For example, if the brass plate is directly between the antenna and a z-wave controller a long way away, it may not work reliably. Alternatively, if you have another z-wave repeater (another switch or plug) mounted to the side of the brass plate somewhere on the same wall, it may be able to pickup a perfect signal from the antenna and retransmit to the controller. It all depends on the physical arrangement of the devices in your house. You could also manually optimize the z-wave mesh network to help the devices find the best routes.
Hi. I'm planning on running 2 separate LED lighting circuits, each circuit will have a separate toggle switch but I was planning on using a double switch box. Can the dimmer 2 be wired into both circuits...or do I need to buy 2 modules?
Richard G. 1 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: if they are separate circuits then buy 2 dimmers. You can still create the ability to turn 'all on' or 'all off' or control them individually. You can also have one dimmer tell the other it's dim level.
Can you use a standard 250W dimmer dial switch to operate dimming on an LED cct?
Guest Visitor 31 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: No. This will create a conflict as you will be trying to control the dimmer with a dimmer. The Dimmer module (like all dimmer modules) expects a simple Open / Closed switch to control it. We recommend using momentary / retractive switches. More information is in these guides. Using different switches with Fibaro Dimmer 2 - Momentary Switches -
Does this work with Samsung smart things without the fibaro controller?
Elisabeth F. 7 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes and No. I have the dimmer and fitted it to the back of my momentary light switch (I had to buy a momentary switch and get a deeper back box though!). It connected to SmartThings without too much bother and no need for any additional controller. The problem is that this product is not yet officially supported by SmartThings so the "device type" ends up using a generic Z-Wave Multi-Channel Device. I have a had a few problems getting it to recognise whether the light is on or not, so automation is hit and miss. Am hoping that the official support that is supposedly coming soon, will fix this. You can however dim the light from the SmartThings app as well as from the wall, so I believe that this will bea good product for SmartThings soon enough.