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Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Door & Window Sensor


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  1.    This itemZ-Wave Fibaro Universal Door & Window Sensor
  2.    DS18B20 Digital Thermometer
  3.    DS18B20 Digital Thermometer - Waterproof 1m

Door/Window Sensor

The Door/window sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. Its operation under the Z-Wave standard guarantees compatibility with the Fibaro system. Installation of the Door / Window Sensor in your home eliminates the risk of high fees for heating or air conditioning. In addition, the module can be equipped with a temperature sensor, and use the built-in binary input.

Functionality of 4 devices

The sensor expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors. It is used in automatic light control, access control and property protection systems.


Reed sensor

The module checks the condition of opening / closing any window or door. Opened window will prevent the system from launching heating or air conditioning in a particular room and you will not be exposed to unnecessary costs. When mounting reed sensor on the front door, you can turn on the lights automatically when opening the door or run a pre-programmed scene e.g. "Return home". In addition, the Door / Window Sensor can be used as an unauthorized intrusion alarm sensor.


Wireless entry sensor

When used together with the Home Center 2 the Door/Window Sensor connected with a typical wall switch can control other components of the Fibaro system. The idea behind it is to enable the user to place a previously unplanned switch in a chosen location without the necessity to lay cables. The number and location of existing switches no longer limit the arrangement of your interior. The Door/Window Sensor can easily take up the role of this element of the home electrical system.


Temperature sensor

Control the temperature anywhere in the home. When used together with DS18B20 temperature sensor (sold separately), the temperature sensor can collect the data necessary for automatic ventilation of a room without cooling it excessively. The temperature sensor may also be used during the planning of a temperature profile at the heating panel.


Pre programed scenes switch

To start a scene on the level of electric installation it required a Fibaro module previously installed in an electric device, which could run a scene. Until now! The Door / Window Sensor has an additional functionality to start scenes. Simply connect a traditional light switch or any sensor (e.g. Motion detector) to the Fibaro module and indicate a pre-programmed scene to start. Therefore you gain a universal battery and completely wireless switch of multiple devices ready to work within a short time.


Easy and fast installation

Installation of the module is very simple. Just remove it from the box, open the case, get rid of the protective film on the battery and stick it to the surface with the supplied double-sided mounting tape. Low power consumption reduces battery replacement to 2 years. The system will notify you in advance in case of low power status. Current battery consumption is always visible in Home Center 2 configuration panel.


Intuitive installation

The user-friendly interface ensures easy and intuitive way of adding device to Fibaro System. The Door / Window Sensor installation is extremely simple. Just follow the three simple steps:

  • Go to the Devices section and click the "Add" button.
  • Home Center 2 will be set to Learning Mode.
  • Click the service button at the back of the sensor's casing.
  • Your Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is ready to operate.



The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is available in seven colors. Select the best color match to your home interior design and enjoy the undisturbed beauty, security and comfort.


Wireless update

The modern FIBARO Door / Window Sensor has been designed for wireless software updates. Every upgrade of the device takes place seamlessly and without your action. Full automation of the software update is the comfort and safety guaranteed by the Fibaro team.

Watch the Fibaro Introductional Video


Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave Transmitter (868.42MHz) More information about the Fibaro Window/Door Sensor
  • Sensors - Reed (movement), Temperature and binary input
  • Temperature measurement requires DS18B20 sensor.
  • Push-button: Inclusion, exclusion to Z-Wave network
  • Battery-powered (1/2AA) with Low-battery warning
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 76 x 17 x 19mm
  • Take a look at the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Introduction (or click the image)
4.60 / 5.0
10 Reviews
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3 Stars
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1 Star
Great Product
I am very pleased with this Fibaro universal door/window sensor. It was simple to fit (comes supplied with adhesive pads and screws) and paired easily with the Vera Lite controller, triggers reliably and also gives you the option to fit a temperature sensor and a binary input which makes it a very flexible device.
1 Sep 2015
Good little device, but fiddly to set up
Now owning several of these units, I can confirm that once installed and configured, they work reliably and successfully. I have found them a little tricky to pair with my vera 3, but once done, they work well. The hardest bit is installing a DS18B20 thermometer. The internal space allocated is extremely small, and if you happen to allow yourself a little too leg room to play with on the thermometer, you end up not being able to fit the lid on the door sensor. Be ready with various thin-nosed pliers in order to shoe-horn the DS18B20 into place. Ignoring the installation issues, however, it's a good bit of kit. The battery life is definitely over a year (remains to be seen whether it'll actually get to 2 years, as advertised), on a door which opens at LEAST once per day, often more frequently.
18 Aug 2015
They work a treat together with Vera 3 controller
I have them set up at the office, monitoring the roller shutters and controlling the lighting scenes. As soon as the shutters go up the scenes are activated and when they come down the lock down scenes are triggered faultlessly. Excellent produt.
29 Jan 2015
Fast response
As soon as my front gate is opened it triggers a scene to switch the tv to cctv, does need you to click 7 times when first including it in vera. Good product.
31 Dec 2014
Excellent, but a little difficult to include to Vera
A small, easy to (physically) install door sensor that works exactly how it should. Very responsive and quick to send its status, especially if associated with other z-wave devices. I did find it a little tricky to Include with my Vera 3, but got there eventually. Definitely worth pointing out that if you intend to use a temperature sensor with this device, make sure you wire in the sensor before including to your z-wave controller. Otherwise you'll have to exclude and re-include this door sensor (which, considering how fiddly the inclusion process is, is not something you'll want to do too often!). But other than the rather tricky inclusion process, I'm very pleased with this unit, and will be buying further sensors in due course.
31 Jul 2014
Paul Wilkinson
Works Brilliantly, you have a good 1cm gap between the mag and sensor allowing for good placement. after configuring it correctly with poll and wake setting the battery life has stabilised. I'll be getting a few more of these!
28 Feb 2014
Excellent door sensor
Work very well as a door sensor and as a binary input. Tried another with the temperature sensor and the temperature bit never seemed to work properly.
16 Jan 2014
Works fine with RaZberry
I use it with Raspberry Pi + RaZberry, it worked fine, but after 2 days an internal magnet sensor has broken. Now I have to use an external magnet sensor that connected to IN-line.
14 Jan 2014
Works exactly as described
Can't fault much with this. Very tiny and easy to install (stick on or screw). Door sensor works very fast and triggers every time. I installed the temp sensor which was a bit fiddly (and not particularly accurate), haven't used the binary. �40 is pricey, but ultimately the choice is yours.
19 Nov 2013
Works Well
I have various other sensors from other manufacturers (using in conjunction with a Vera Lite) - this one set up and triggers much more reliably than any of the others.
19 Nov 2013
Browse 6 questions Browse 6 questions and 6 answers
I have very little success on the Fibaro door/window sensors. Only one of five has been able to connect to my Fibaro controller and it is constantly reporting on low battery. All sensors shipped with old batteries date on the battery is JUL 14 1. - not sure but most likely the reason. I have followed your guidance, moved the HC to 1 meter from the Fibaro door sensor, pressed the button 3 times but not able to register, done the exclude steps and retry. Not really sure what to do. Only my eye is working fine, on/of switch seems to fail keeping in touch with HC, what is the max distance to expect in a normal house of 167 m2 ?
Johnny J. 11 Apr 2017
Can the sensor detect an input from a bell push and detect whether the door is open/ closed (or is it just one or the other)?
richard a. 14 Jun 2016
BEST ANSWER: It is just either/or. The binary contact is wired in parallel with the main sensor's reed sensor. So if either are tripped the sensor will report an alert to the controller.
I have this device working, but I want to exclude it from one controller and include it in another controller. The instruction manual states the following "For Inclusion and Exclusion push down the tamper switch (push the device on a table) if the device is not yet mounted. Then hit the little button (B) inside of the enclosure one time". Quite frankly, this doesn't appear to do anything. Can you clarify the process by which I can either exclude this sensor or (as an alternative) reset it to factory default (which I assume would achieve the same)?. I have tried to reset to factory default but didn't get anywhere. Thanks
Guest I. 13 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: You need to delete it in the controller that it is currently included in first. And then include it in the new controller. Doing the reset process you have followed in the manual does not clear the Z-Wave chip - so it retains the information about the controller it was initially included in. Ine VERA and Fibaro this is quite easy - just delete the device in the 'Include/Exclude' section.
Are they going to make a z wave plus version of this sensor?
Guest Visitor 14 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: Fibaro are slowly moving devices over to Gen 5. For instance the Motion sensor has just been released in Z-Wave Plus version. So I would expect there to be a Gen 5 version of this door sensor in the next 3-6 months.
Can you use this sensor outside?
Guest Visitor 15 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: The sensor itself isn't IP rated so is for internal use only. That said there's no reason why you couldn't mount it inside an appropriately rated enclosure to protect it - you might need to use a stronger magnet though. You could also consider the Sensative door / window sensor as this is weatherproof and should be OK for use outside -
willie v. 3 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately it's not possible to get a spare magnet specifically for the Fibaro Door / Window Sensor, but any door / window sensor magnet would do the job. For example: Hope that helps!

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