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Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Sensor

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  1.    This itemZ-Wave Fibaro Universal Sensor
  2.    DS18B20 Digital Thermometer
  3.    DS18B20 Digital Thermometer - Waterproof 1m

Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Sensor

The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module allowing to improve the functionality of any wired sensor with a binary output by adding Z-Wave network communication. The module allows for wireless communication between the system and the DS18B20 temperature sensor. When used with the optional DS18B20 temperature sensor, the binary sensor can accurately measure temperature. 

The Universal Binary Sensor can service up to 2 binary sensors and up to 4 temperature sensors.

The Universal Binary Sensor transforms every binary sensor (recognizes two conditions, such as smoke/no smoke) into a wireless sensor. The device is designed to be installed in the housing of a sensor or another device, whenever wireless collection of data from the wired sensors is required. In addition to sensor types like gas, water and smoke detectors, the radio module also integrates more flexible devices, such as alarm and measuring systems, into the smart home. All data from the systems and sensors is collected wirelessly and can be viewed centrally by the user via the user interface for the home automation system in place – for example using the Home Center 2.


Emergency Assistant

If sensors detects too high smoke concentration, for instance, the home control system triggers a fire alarm and immediately opens the windows integrated in the network. The system is therefore always on hand as an emergency 'assistant’ in the smart home. The wireless connection between the devices and sensors enables you to make saves on your time and money during the installation, as no cables are needed to connect up the components.


Watch the Fibaro Introductional Video



Technical Details

  • Inputs: 2 potential-free inputs, 1 digital single-wire input
  • Outputs: 2 potential-free outputs
  • Supports four temperature sensors including the DS18B20
  • Output voltage: 36V DC / 24V AC ±5% (max)
  • Output current: 150mA (max)
  • Supply voltage: 9-30V DC ±10%
  • Measurement Range: -55 to +126°C.
  • Temperature of operation from -10 to 40°C.
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 27.3 x 12 mm (H x W x D)
4.30 / 5.0
10 Reviews
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1 Star
Works Great
Used to monitor the temperature in four rooms and works perfectly.
6 Dec 2017
Great device!
Having a working hard wired alarm system with PIR's already, I wanted to tap into this to provide SmartThings with motion detection. This device simply just works! No fuss, no bother. The output, whilst not controllable programmatically, responds immediately with no lag with the input, and has so far provided flawless feedback to SmartThings despite being a decent distance away from my SmartThings hub, and tucked away in a metal box! I plan to get several more of these sensors to provide feed back on a whole host of dumb appliances over time
21 Nov 2016
1 year ago
Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Sensor
I tried to use this with Z-Wave Popp Hub Gateway - Gen5, it did not complete inclusion but was able to see temperature from sensor, but the data was unusable.
23 Oct 2016
1 year ago
Great little device
I'm using this universal sensor with the 1st channel linked to my doorbell. Means I can have an attractive bell push outside and still have a integrated smart doorbell system. Connected through my Samsung Smarthings Hub (needs custom device handler code which can be found on the smartthings forum) I get text messages and my porch / hallway lights come on when someone presses the bell. Also flashes my decking lights if I'm home in case I'm mowing the lawn and don't hear the bell. This unit can also send alarm frames to other Fibaro devices so, with the second chanel linked to a Fibaro relay and the 12v doorbell supply, I can now trigger all my house lights to flash when the alarm sounds. Trying to do this with code alone is buggy and unreliable so I'm a very happy customer. Reccomended but only if you have a good grasp of electronics.
9 Sep 2016
1 year ago
Good working
This one works well. I use it with temperature sensors, I wish the instruction was a little better, that is all.
7 Nov 2015
Used with Honeywell Alarm Panel
Used this with my Honeywell G4 alarm panel. Most panels will have a set output trigger. Connect this to the universal sensor and you can monitor is your alarm is set or activated. Great if like me you get half way up the road and wonder if it is set or not.
25 Feb 2015
Great little device, looses 1 start for homeseer integration
This is a great little device.. Very small indeed.. I was surprised just how small! The unit comes with a connector that has 8 wires coming out of it. These are for the various connections to power, inputs and thermometers. I purchased one of the weatherproof DS18B20 sensors along with this and it works flawlessly. Integration into Homeseer was a little tricky and hence why it lost 1 star. Didn't find out until after I purchased it that there is an issue with how Fibaro presents the sensors. After lots of messing around I got it semi working, only 1 input and the thermostat inputs but that's all I needed. Thus far happy with it's performance. Would certainly buy one again.
12 Feb 2015
Domoticz Compatible but not for batteries!
Very handy unit for converting other devices to Z-wave. My first one now connects the doorbell to the network and incorporates an outside air temperature sensor. All intended thermometers must be connected before the device is included in your network - adding extras (up to 4 total) requires exclusion and re-inclusion. Temperature readings can be taken at intervals up to 255 secs, and reports can be sent either regularly or when the temperatture changes by more than a set amount. There are two switch inputs and two corresponding opto-isolated outputs. Be warned that this device is not low-current: it draws a "steady" 14 mA from a 9 V source, and as such it is hard to operate from batteries.
23 Dec 2014
Retro fit PIR sensor
I wanted to turn my hard wired PIR alarm sensor into a zwave device, so I used the Fibaro universal sensor, input 1 to detect motion via the nc output of the sensor and the other input 2 connected to the tamper switch, just to use up the extra switch.
18 Aug 2014
Fibaro Universal Sensor for my home alarm.
I bought the Fibaro Universal Sensor in order to turn my alarm PIRs into z-wave enabled sensors. I have wired it into my alarm panel with the two inputs connected to two PIRs. I really didn't understand the circuit diagrams on the instruction sheet. Nevertheless I managed to get it connected how I wanted to use it.
2 Jun 2014
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Vesternet Store
I plan to use this device to integrate into my 'dumb' home alarm system's PIR sensors
Stephen H. 6 Nov 2016
I plan to use this device to integrate into my 'dumb' home alarm system's PIR sensors
Stephen H. 6 Nov 2016
To modify a doorbell
Mr A. 3 Oct 2016
To modify a doorbell
Mr A. 3 Oct 2016
Testing out a means of controlling my hot water tank, successfully tested using a Fibaro door/window/temperature sensor but the update interval between temperature readings is too slow as the door/window/temp sensor is battery powered. This is designed to be powered by a PSU and can read temperature at short intervals (defaults to 20 seconds).
Ian 21 Sep 2016
monitoring temperature of my hot water cylinder so that I can use power from solar panels as required to 'top-up' and only use mains electricity if temperature falls below specified threshold
Stephen H. 30 Jul 2016
To connect to Hydreon Rain Sensor
Scott R. 28 Jun 2016
trigger 1 - doorbell trigger 2 - send alarm command frame making lights flash works well with Smartthings
Guest O. 1 May 2016
To monitor temperature on water cylinder(Requires up to 4 temperature probes) . Works well with vera Edge and Datamine Graphing App
Mike S. 17 Apr 2016
Experimenting with CH controls
Keith J. 5 Apr 2016
Automate my Doobell
Paul M. 20 Oct 2016
Automate my Doobell
Paul M. 20 Oct 2016
This allow me to use pasive sensors that I have in my home.
Jesus G. 21 Sep 2016
This allow me to use pasive sensors that I have in my home.
Jesus G. 21 Sep 2016
To wire this up to a standard RF Aico fire sensor (x3) installation using an Aico Ei428 so that the fire sensors are hooked into SmartThings Hub
dave s. 19 Aug 2016
Hot water tank temperature tracking within homeseer
Guest O. 11 Jul 2016
To monitor the temperature of our hot water tank
Christopher B. 25 Jun 2016
Test integration into Domoticz
Robert A. 19 Apr 2016
Used to send a signal into the zwave controller from a remote keypad
Chris Male F. 6 Apr 2016
To monitor temperature of hot water tank at top, middle and bottom.
Guest A. 25 Feb 2016
Can I connect a Raspberry PI GPIO pins to the input on this, so that is GPIO was high it will send a zwave signal to smartthings?
Paul G. 22 Jun 2017
Does this come with a connector to plu into the white connector onboard?
Garth B. 25 May 2017
Do I have to connect inputs to GND in order to trigger outputs? Are the outputs relays? What voltage do they support?
jbtibor 14 May 2017
Instead of fitting this to the PIR, can i fit this to the Accenta G3 alarm panel itself, to utilise the the two separate inputs?
Kam B. 22 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: I fitted a plastic jb beside the Accenta panel, taking the 12 volts from the panel. disconnected the sensor from the panel (alarm contact only) and fitted the sensor. So each sensor has two PIR one each channel. Tamper circuit is still handled by the PIR
Hi I'd like to use this UBS device to convert an old fashion push bell switch into a z wave device. It looks like I can do this and miss out the temperature sensor? Is that correct? What would be the best power supply to use? Also is this easy to connect to a SmartThings hub? Thanks.
NikBns 5 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: This will work fine, so long as you do not have any power on the bell push - it must be simply connected to the sensor as a switch. There is no need to have the temperature sensor. The user manual shows how the sensor is used with different things. You can use a standard 9 or 12V DC power supply to power the sensor - current consumption is very low, so you do not need anything too heavy. We've not seen any feedback about using this with SmartThings so you would need to check with SmartThings or the forum.
Can one of these be wired to an Accenta G3 alarm system? I'd like to make the PIR's smarter. The PIRs have a yellow, blue wire labelled ALARM on the PIR and a red (12v) and black (0v). So does the Fibaro sit in the PIR housing? Does the Fibaro sensor only operate on one PIR as I see 2 inputs? What are the outputs for?
Mat H. 1 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes this is exactly what i use 4 of them for. I have mine on mounting close by the alarm panel but you can mount one inside easily as i have in the past. You simply take the blue and yellow wires in your case to the module. You need blue to a gnd wire and the yellow to in1 wire. Then you need to take the output pair to the zone contact pair on your alarm pcb using 2 new wires. This way you can have 2 pir zones per module using in2 with the other and same ground. The outputs mimic the inputs so this module can receive the input and also keep the original circuit happy. To power it you can use the alarm panel 12v and 0v. You can also use the set and alarm outputs on the alarm to detect if the alarm is set/unset and whether it is going off. This requires a bit of circuitry using optos but works well when done. The sheet included has example wiring diagrams describing what i say here better.
Can this have temperature and binary inputs? I have one and I'm having difficulty making it work with 2 temperature sensors and using the binary inputs from a switch. I seem to have either binary inputs or temperature.
Stclair S. 9 Aug 2016
BEST ANSWER: It may depend upon which controller you are using it with? I have this paired with a Vera Edge controller but only have 2 temperature sensors connected to it. It shows in my Vera controller as 2 'Universal Temperature Sensors' and 2 'Universal Binary Sensors' I have never connected anything to the binary sensors but I have noticed that if I arm the binary sensors that Vera then starts reporting them as movement sensors so have assumed that they are 'active' within the controller. The only other observation I can add, in case it helps, is that since the last Vera update my controller was not polling the temp sensors until I reconfigured the node with 'Automatically configure' set to OFF and then repeated with it set to YES. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question.
I just purchased this sensor. Could any one give me a quick guide how to connect the sensor inputs to a Honeywell Alarm ? Is it simply a matter of connecting the two alarm outputs to IN1 and IN2 then simply connect up the +ve and gnd from alarm supply board ? Do you need to change any of the parameters on Vesta Edge ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mark A. 7 Aug 2016
BEST ANSWER: For support and help with products purchased from Vesternet it's best to raise a Technical Support request using one of the following methods: 1) Click on the "Support" link at the top of any page of the Vesternet web site 2) Complete the form at 3) Email One of our Technical Support team members will be glad to assist you further!
I am looking to incorporate a rain sensor in to my Fibaro system. Will this be able to do this. I can understand I will need a rain sensor circuit board as well but not too sure what, if anything would work. If anyone can help, that would be great? Or if anyone could advise of a good rain sensor for a Fibaro/Z-Wave system, I'm all ears?
Hallamnet 10 May 2016
BEST ANSWER: If you search for 'rain sensor arduino', you will find many little low cost boards that detect water drops. They work with the dry contacts on the fibaro door/window sensor, so they should also work fine with the universal sensor. The only issue is that you could get repeated on/off signals if it's not fully wet or dry. Not a problem for me as Homeseer can easily act on the first signal and ignore repeats for a set period, but I'm not sure how other controllers work.
Hi all, I am trying to understand the relation of the Inputs to the Outputs. Can I set the Output State idenpendantly of the Input State? I would like to use the Universal Sensor to switch two 12VDC relays but to do this will I need to close the two onboard Inputs? Are they permanently mapped Input to Output? Thanks.
Chris W. 5 May 2016
BEST ANSWER: HI. You cannot change the output independently of input. They always mirror them and are intended to be placed in line with a signal such as from an alarm sensor so that the original circuit can complete but also grab the input to the zwave system. I would recommend the fibaro zwave 2X1.5 relays for your needs. They have the common exposed so you can switch whatever load you want through them.
Can the universal sensor be wired to arm and disarm my Pyronix enforcer alarm as well as tell me the status of the alarm?
ALiMuzza 23 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi, Had a quick look at the board and it may take a bit of working to sort. I have mine connected to a Honeywell which gives a trigger when the panel is armed, which works fine with the Universal sensor. It will also work fine with the alarm activated output. Can also be configured for switches in locks so you know you have locked the door turned the alarm on all from the phone :-)
Hello, can i use this sensor with humidity,barometric and temperature sensors to work as a standalone personal weather station?
Guest Visitor 28 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it only accepts temperature inputs and on/off inputs. I believe you can monitor more type of sensors with the RGBW module, but that wouldn't be stand alone either, it would need a compatible Z-Wave controller.
Im confused as to what the universal sensor is actually used for. Can you pls give some examples?
Guest Visitor 11 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: I use my universal sensor to monitor the state of my alarm panel. My panel has 12V output signals which are programmable to do different things. I've two of the outputs feeding the universal sensor - one channel signifying the alarm is armed, and the other channel if the alarm is triggered (and in which case, a small bit of code calls a URL to alert me by a text message). In fact, having the state of the alarm known to the automation system opens all sorts of other possibilities. I'm also considering using a universal sensor to monitor the temperatures of four rooms, too, hidden away in the movement detectors.
Could this be integrated into a Legacy 240v Wired Interconnected Smoke Alarm System to trigger a ZWave alarm when the fire system is activated? [assuming a 240v to 12v transformer was put into the system]. I understand that existing house smoke alarm systems tend to use 4-core flex, with the additional core being used as a signal wire. If a transformer were put onto the signal wire (to down the voltage from 240v to 12v), could this device be included on the signal wire, to indicate that the smoke alarm has been triggered?
Rob B. 24 Sep 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hi Rob. I'm afraid this won't work. The Universal Sensor only accepts 'binary' inputs - these are just like an Open or Closed switch. You cannot supply any voltage to these inputs. This is why it is not working in the example you've outlined. The best solution for this would be to use a standard wired 12V relay to be turned On/Off by the system and use this relay's contacts as input to the Universal Sensor. An easier way may be to simply use the 240V output from the alarm system to control a Z-Wave relay and have that send its status to the Z-Wave system to trigger alarm scenes etc. In this case I would recommend the Fibaro relays as they have instant status update.

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