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Z-Wave Greenwave 1 Port PowerNode


RRP: £35.00

Special Price: £20.00

RRP: £35.00

Special Price: £20.00

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The Greenwave 1 Port PowerNode is a Z-Wave Wall Plug that allows you to control any electrical appliance on/off and measure it's power consumption.

With homeowners looking to reduce energy bills by conserving power and being more efficient with their usage of electronic devices and appliances, home automation products such as this Greenwave 1 Port PowerNode wall plug can help give insight into the energy usage of specific devices in your home and lets you switch off devices you're not using.

Note: To be used as part of a Z-Wave network, this socket requires a suitable Z-Wave controller.

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Maximum load: 10A /2,400W (resistive)
  • Voltage: 240V, 50Hz
  • Overcurrent Protection: 10A internal fuse
  • Metering: current consumption (W), accumulated consumption (kWh)
  • UK Plug Type
  • LED: indicates device is On
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 50 x 50 x 18mm
3.62 / 5.0
13 Reviews
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1 Star
Reasonably priced and reliable.
I had 2 TKB sockets (Gen2 I think) which didn't seem terribly reliable, I started buying these and the network has gradually improved. Pairing is easy, and getting energy consumption is very helpful. I'm using these with the Aeotc ZStick and Domoticz (Open Source). They are so good that having bought a few of these singly, I ended up buying the pack of 5 as well. I do have a few issues - which are probably more the fault of OpenZWave software than they are a problem with the sockets - I don't seem to be able to set the parameter "power state after power failure" and sometimes the reported total consumption counter is less than the previous reading, leading to silly readings being reported. Would definitely recommend these for reliability though. My ZWave Network is very much more reliable now.
18 Apr 2017
Got 10 of these for use with a Fibaro HCL, pairing was very easy, energy monitoring works well and seems pretty accurate, no issues so far and the build quality is as you'd expect for the price. A good solution that can be moved around the house easily unlike some modules/inserts.
17 Apr 2017
Instant well pretty much
Before purchasing these, I had 7 Energenie plugs, along with hub. Having already added a SmartThings hub, I was wanting something a little faster with my automation. These fit the bill on both cost and speed. Sold my Energenie's as the difference between the two are night and day. The only downside (lost a star on this) is the firmware they sent me. 4.22, when 4.23 and even 4.28 are out there, I do feel like I have purchased old stock, 10 of them. So some things aren't supported, and there's no way to upgrade OTA. I don't consider that a Greenwave issue, thats a Vesternet issue. But still, I do like them and having the power management, and Zwave is so much better than simply RF.
23 Mar 2017
Works ok
It works well. Quie customizable, decent range. Easy to adjust the lack of communication timeout, or just set your software to poll more often. What is annoying is the white light to show it's on. Would be good if it could be turned off, rather than my current solution of black tape on it!!
19 Mar 2017
Bit Bulky But Easy To Use
It is easy to pair or include to your z wave network. It is generally easy to use. Sturdy and well built. It has a dial which allows you to lock it in an ON position to override the controller. It also defaults to ON during power loss. Ideal for the bedside fridge!! Using Indigo or Homeseer you can set parameter 0 to the threshold wattage to report and parameter 1 to set the interval for led light blinking. The default is 2 minutes and this is too short. You can set it to 65 minutes and let the controller like Indigo poll it every hour. Then you never see the blinking again. You can send it a direct z-wave command like so: 0x70,0x04,0x01,0x01,0x65 to set its keep alive time to 65 minutes.
10 Feb 2017
Tricky to pair, but .....
I'm using this with a Razberry Z-wave controller, and Homegenie software, and it is working perfectly. I did, howver, have problems pairing via Homegenie, and had to use 'Z-Way-Server' to do it. Even then it took a few goes. Back in Homegenie, I see the 'on/off' status, and can choose whether to display current consumption, or KWh. Very happy with my £20 toy :-)
29 Dec 2016
paired no probs
plugged in put vera lite in detext mode and was up and running in 5 mins. it was about 6m away so a good range
26 Dec 2016
4 months ago
Poor performance within 'Samsung Smarthings'
Quite bulky but not cheap looking. Rotating dial to group or lock out of remote use is a useful feature. The problems c come when access is via a node rather than in direct range of the hub, in many instances the signal does not reach the selected outlet. They regularly (very) flash green which I think is due to poling issues and during 'zwave repair' from within smart things the nodes always fail to update route which appears to be a major problem. Experts or coders may be able fix this but as I'm fairly novice I'm finding it extremely frustrating and would not recommend for anyone with limited knowledge of how to code etc.
24 Dec 2016
5 months ago
Difficult to pair... It took a lot of goes attempting to associate/disassociate/associate before it would be recognised. And now that it is, you only seem to get kWh messages when it turns on or off (Using Domoticz though so it could just be ignoring them). Docs are vague, so I may just stick with the (more expensive) TZ69E's..
23 Dec 2016
4 months ago
Useful with Vera but imperfect
As noted by other reviewers the main downside is the lack of technical documentation about how to disable the panic mode. It's very needy - if it hasn't heard from the controller for a little while it panics and flashes its little light so you know. Not good in the bedroom at night. I use a scene to contact it regularly - code for Vera will be on MCV forum - and the settings documented at cd-jackson's site. Variable 1 is a useful one - I haven't been able to get variable 4 to work. But otherwise a very cost effective switch and power monitor
7 Dec 2016
Basic outlet, seems to work ok
Bought this because of the offer, and thought others might find some value in the fact that I see to have found some details. Short version: - param 0: Power change required to send a notification, in % from 1 to 100, default 10 - param 1: Keep alive time, in minutes from 1 to 255, default 2 - param 2: Color wheel selection, read only - param 3: State after power loss, 0 = all off, 1 = remember last state, 2 = all on, default 2 - param 4: Led for network error, 0 = disable, 1 = enable, default 0 - assoc group 1: Color wheel change - assoc group 2: Relay health - assoc group 3: Power value change - assoc group 4: Over-current protection Long version: It will accept parameter 1 which stops the flashing, however it will not accept parameter 3 on my Fibaro HC2 for some reason, so I am not able to change the behavior if there is a power cut.
7 Dec 2016
Basic Zwave outlet, good value
Instructions for greenwaves own gateway so a little trial and error to get included on Vera. Works reliably remotely turning on/off, reporting local status and reporting wattage. The electronics are situated under the plug rather than above like some others. This may stop you using them on particular low sockets in older homes, certainly I couldn't use it in two rooms. The only other comment I can make is there is a coloured light flashes sometimes on the unit, can't figure out why as it still works. This could become annoying in a bedroom if not well hidden.
2 Dec 2016
4 months ago
Cheap, but not without its flaws.
It's cheap. It works. There are flaws: 1 - After a power-cut, the default mode is on. Not ideal. 2 - On power-up, status is not sent (i.e. the controller may think it's turned off, but it's actually turned on). 3 - Using this with HS3, if the dial gets knocked from black to anything else, it turns on but reports to the controller that it's off. 4 - The documentation assumes you're using it with a specific controller and is, consequently, very light and frothy (i.e. does not contain any technical information - specifically what config values are required to alter (1), above).
23 Mar 2016
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Vesternet Store
Test witch is best TKB or greenwave
Garry J. 1 Mar 2016
Test witch is best TKB or greenwave
Garry J. 1 Mar 2016
I got this to go with my Just something to test it with
Keith J. 27 Feb 2016
I got this to go with my Just something to test it with
Keith J. 27 Feb 2016
What does steady white alternating with flashing red power indicator mean? I can't find that state in the manual.
Busta999 19 Apr 2017
Will this mesh correctly? will it repeat Z-wave to other units, thereby extending network?
. .. 10 Feb 2017
Has anyone been able to disable the flashing LEDs on the front of the unit?
David H. 8 Feb 2017
Will this plug work with smart things, or do I have to buy another hub to connect them?
Sean L. 23 Jan 2017
anyone got these working with amazon echo,via smartthings? mine are disocvered by alexa, but work fine with smartthings itself.
Guest Visitor 15 Jan 2017
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