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Z-Wave Secure Wall Thermostat & Receiver Set


RRP: £84.50

Special Price: £76.06

RRP: £84.50

Special Price: £76.06

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The Secure Wall Thermostat and Receiver set is designed to control hot-water heating systems and floor heating installations. It includes the Secure Wall Thermostat, which can be installed in the room to be controlled and the Secure Boiler Receiver to operate the hot water boiler. The thermostat can be manually operated by the user or remotely operated via Z-Wave to set the desired temperature.

Wall Thermostat

The battery operated wall thermostat enables you to set the temperature of the room it is located in. When this temperature is reached, the thermostat instructs the Boiler Receiver (via Z-Wave) to switch the boiler on or off.

The unit’s LCD displays the target room temperature and by pressing the ‘temperature setting dial’ it will display the actual room temperature. It can also be operated using any Z-Wave remote or central controller.

Boiler Receiver

The Z-Wave controlled relay switch controls the water boiler and can operate loads of up to 3A. It includes manual On/Off buttons and LEDs to indicate the boiler's current state.

Take a look at this guide to see how easy it is to use the Secure Thermostat with the Vera Z-Wave controller.


Secure Application Notes

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Thermostat temperature range: 5 - 30°C
  • Receiver Load: 3A / 230V (Max)
  • Power: 2x AAA batteries (Thermostat), 230V (Receiver)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 86 x 86 x 36mm (Thermostat), 86 x 86 x 36mm (receiver),
4.00 / 5.0
4 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
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1 Star
Pleased with these - but watch the configuration
I've used 4 of these now for well over a year. They've been rock solid - the only part of my Z-wave network that has been! I would have given them 5 stars, but the configuration if you are using a Z-wave controller is a bit tricky - it's important to follow the Vesternet instruction carefuly. The golden rules are: 1 thermostat to 1 boiler switch Add them using the Vesternet instructions In scenes, do not ever be tempted to control the boiler switch (e.g. to eradicate the wake-up delay of the thermostat). Only ever control the thermostat and let it control the boiler switch.
17 Dec 2016
2 years ago
Won't connect with controller and receiver at the same time
Won't connect with Z wave controller and receiver at the same time. Otherwise a straightforward wireless boiler controller without a timer.
16 Nov 2016
1 year ago
A great improvement
Installed this to replace an old Honeywell radio thermostat. The only improvement I was looking for was Z-wave control. Total setup took me about 20 minutes, and it works fine with Veralite running UI7. It maintains a far more stable temperature than our previous system, notably increasing the comfort of our house. Struggling to see any downside, really, although the receiver box is a bit fiddly.
3 Jan 2016
Works well, with minor niggles
This thermostat paired without a hitch with receiver, and seem to work quite well, TPI algorithm maintaining very stable temperature, while allowing boiler to condense more (by allowing radiators to cool between cycles). However there are several minor thing I've noticed: - It seem to have unreasonably short time for minimal "on" cycle. Since TPI for gas boiler assumes up to 6 cycles per hour (cycle every 10 mins), I've observed it sometimes switching boiler on literally for 10 seconds. This is too short, since boiler barely manages to start in this time, and instantly goes off. I understand this happens because it deems needed heat output very low, but I think it should just skip a cycle in this case. - Dust is getting between outer transparent plastic panel and LCD screen - When wall thermostat wakes up (or if you wake it up by pressing controls), it creates a very high-pitched ultrasonic noise (from DC-DC converter I assume). Luckily this lasts just for couple seconds
22 Dec 2014
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VFM Z-Wave room thermostat + boiler controller
Stephen M. 30 Oct 2016
VFM Z-Wave room thermostat + boiler controller
Stephen M. 30 Oct 2016
I have a Vera Edge and a combiboiler with a normal 7 day controller. I want to put this product's receiver in series with the existing controller so that when we are away the housetemperature can be kept low (19deg, say) but a day or so before we return I can set the thermostat high so that, in effect, the normal controller will take over and bring the house back up to normal temeprature and thereafter regulate it. WIll this product do that ? Also, I see one reviewer has said that it is unreliable when used with the Vera Edge. Is that the case ?
Brian A. 29 Oct 2017
Has anybody linked more than 1 thermostat to the receiver? If so how does it work if each thermostats have a different temperatures?
Karl B. 9 Apr 2017
Is this the same as the SSR-303 (and therefore Z-Wave Plus certified)? If you go to and search for that model number, you'll find an identical looking device. Are these actually the same thing? If so, does this mean Vesternet's page should list this as Z-Wave Plus certified?
Simon M. 9 Mar 2017
Does the SRT 321 and receiver use TPI algorithms? I want to hook upto a Vera and control a heating zone using an actuator valve can I use the SRT321 for this? Thanks.
David C. 6 Feb 2017
Hi Will the Secure thermostat and wall receiver work with the Samsung SmartThing Controller
roger m. 22 Jan 2017
Need to do 4 zones - how many components will i need?
Randy T. 9 Jan 2017
BEST ANSWER: 5, 1 receiver, 4 stats
can I control either receiver of thermostat or both with an NV Piper?
Stephen M. 14 Nov 2016
Secure Thermostat/Receiver Sets. Is it possible to use several sets independently?
RetiredBrian 12 Nov 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have two sets. They pair independently, but then I've decided to pair them instead to my Indego z-wave system and I control/read them from that. You can set and read the temperature and turn on/off the system from Indigo and I'd imagine this would be no different from other z-wave systems if you chose to do that.
Hi, Is the actuator capable of switching 220v load or it uses dry contacts to send signals to boiler ?
dimi r. 18 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: It can do either, it's rated at 3A - this is shown on the technical tab at and also in the manual Hope that helps!
Hi, I am a bit confused whether I need the set for my Veraplus or just the actuator. If I buy the set then i will be able to send the commands to HRT4-ZW and then it will trasmit them to the actuator ?
dimi r. 18 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: This depends on what you're trying to achieve - if you just want to control the boiler on / off then the SSR303 boiler relay will work fine (as would any other Z-Wave relay). But if you want to be able to set a set-point temperature and have a thermostat manage the boiler to ensure that the temperature is maintained, then the set would suit you better. Take a look at the following guide for further information: Hope that helps!
How do I know if this is compatible with my boiler? Do I need to check anything on my boiler?
Tuncay S. 26 Jul 2016
BEST ANSWER: We recommend wiring this at the boiler controller/timer - then you do not need to change any wiring with the boiler. These guides shows you how:

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