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Z-Wave Secure Wall Thermostat with LCD display

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The Secure Wall Thermostat enables you to control your heating system's boiler or under-floor heating from any room by using Z-Wave wireless technology.

The battery operated thermostat enables you to set the temperature of any room it is located in. When the ‘set’ temperature is reached, the thermostat instructs the Boiler Receiver (via Z-Wave) to switch the boiler On or Off.

The unit’s LCD displays the ‘set’ room temperature and by pressing the ‘temperature setting dial’ it displays the actual room temperature. The thermostat can also be operated using any Z-Wave remote or central controller, this provides extra flexibility such as changing the room temperature automatically at set times of the day.


Secure Application Notes

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Thermostat temperature range: 5 - 30°C
  • LCD: displays 'set' and actual room temperature
  • Power: 2x AAA batteries
  • Protection class: IP30
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 86 x 86 x 36mm
4.33 / 5.0
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1 Star
3 installed on a Vera Edge network
I have installed three of these on a central heating system - one controlling each of three zones via associated Fibaro 2-channel relays. Once one is aware that the association will only work with channel one of the relay all is straightforward. It would be nice to be able to extract the temperature condition independently of the association - I'm still working on that.....
7 Mar 2017
Working well with Indigo 6
After some help from Mark, I now have this working well with Indigo 6 and the Secure 2 channel boiler receiver
29 Nov 2013
Nice and easy..
However... I had to enter Installation mode twice on the unit. First time when device has been paired with Vera and second time when Vera could not communicate with the thermostat. After adding thermostat to Vera controller I could see the device in "DEVICES" section but none of the setting was available. Device field/icon displayed 'Waiting to Wakeup to Configure'. In this moment I had to go to the setup again, dial to "n" and allow Vera to configure the unit. Since then everything is spot on... Good stuff and working well...
29 Nov 2013
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Why did you choose this?
Vesternet Store
This was chosen to control a customers heating via two z wave on/off modules
Stewart M. 2 Jun 2016
This was chosen to control a customers heating via two z wave on/off modules
Stewart M. 2 Jun 2016
Good value product, ease of instillation, proven technology.
Guest A. 2 Feb 2016
Good value product, ease of instillation, proven technology.
Guest A. 2 Feb 2016
Hi there, I'm looking for a Z-wave dry contact switch, connected to my existing pilot wires from the boiler. Not really fussed about it being a thermostat, as all I need is to be able to remotely turn the heating on or off. I don't want to have to change out anything with the existing boiler's timer / programmer. I intend to leave it heating turned on at the boiler indefinitely, and the dry contact switch as the main on-off. I can then use scenes to control timing if need be. I don't think this Secure product is built for that since it needs replacing the boiler's timer / programmer. Can you kindly recommend a suitable product? Thanks in advance.
Michael G. 23 Jul 2017
Can this be used with the 2 channel boiler receiver? If so, how does it manage the hot water channel? I have a Razberry but wanted this to manage in the case of its failure (and because I understand it will manage the boiler better?)
Duncan G. 20 Jul 2017
Can Vesternet or any user provide a config file for OpenZWave? I'm trying to write one but not luck.
Guest Visitor 30 Oct 2016
I currently have have 1x SRT321 thermostat and 1x SSR303 actuator and ordered a bunch of LC-13 TRV's - however I would need to be able to trigger the boiler if the temperature drops in a room other than where the main SRT321 is located. If I understood the manuals correctly, I shouldn't send the trigger command from my Vera because the SSR303 will go into fail-safe mode if the trigger isn't re-sent within the next hour. So I guess ideally one (or more) SRT321 should be managing the SSR303? So my question is: can multiple SRT321 thermostats be paired with a single SSR303 actuator?
Guest Visitor 29 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: You are creating a multi-zoned system so you should not have the SRT321 associated directly with the SR303 if you plan to have more than one SRT321. If you try associating more than one SRT321 with the SSR303 you will create a conflict where different SRT321s are telling it to do different things. In this case it is best to run the SRT321 as inputs to scenes and have the scene control the SSR303 and work around the fail-safe feature within the scene. More information is in our guide about multi-zoned heating -
Can this unit be used to trigger events in a controller (in my case the Homeseer Hometroller Zee S2) rather than being paired with a boiler receiver? I have two electric radiators in a room, and want to turn them on and off based on the thermostat reading. So I would create the various events to change the set point in the Homeseer, but also want the thermostat to trigger the events which turn the radiators on and off. Would that work, or should I be looking at something else?
Richard 8 Aug 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. You can have the controller's scene look at the temperature being reported by the thermostat and trigger the event. You can also have it compared against it's setpoint to do the same.
Apart from the name change and price, is there any difference between the Horstmann HRT4-ZW and the Secure SRT321?
Ian C. 3 Jun 2016
BEST ANSWER: Dont believe so, all the documentation uses the name interchangeably and configuration seems to be identical. Perhaps different brand name in some countries?
How can I combine a series of Danfoss lc-13 units into a pleg scene with a secure thermostat?
Guest Visitor 17 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi, I don't have enough sensors to use logic to determine heating functions, my system is set up to put heat into toms at the times of day that they are in use and at an appropriate temperature for usual occupants. I do this on s timer and of course I can manually override the timer if appropriate. The secure thermostat is a great product, I have no issues with it, I am no so happy with the Danfiss radiator valves. They eat batteries and Danfoss refused to provide any support to UK customers when I made contact with them about 18 months ago. I will be increasing the number of sensors in the house in time to come but have been waiting for some of the issues with them to be desolvef and get some payback before investing any more. Oleg looks like it's a very powerful tool.

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