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Z-Wave - Modules - DIN Mounted

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Z-Wave DIN modules offer the same functions as the standard Z-Wave Modules, but are designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. This allows a number of modules to be installed together in a single enclosure, making the overall installation more tidy and easier to maintain. For instance, you could have a number of Z-Wave Light Switch modules all installed together, making lighting circuit installation much easier.

We have two DIN module solutions available. The first, from Qubino, are complete DIN Z-Wave modules ready to fit into a DIN rail enclosure. The second type are Eutonomy euFIX adapters which are designed specifically to house Fibaro modules allowing them to be fitted to a DIN rail.

Once installed they operate just like other Z-Wave devices as part of your Z-Wave smart home automation system allowing you to control them wirelessly from wherever you are. Or, you can use other features of the Z-Wave system to control them automatically based on time of day, or from other devices such as Z-Wave Sensors.

If you've got questions about Z-Wave DIN Modules, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Z-Wave Modules, and we probably offer the largest selection of Z-Wave Products in Europe.

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