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Z-Wave - Locks & Access Control

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Z-Wave locks and smart wireless access systems are a great addition to your Z-Wave home automation system. They bring extra security, more convenience, and better monitoring of activity at your home.

Z-Wave locks can be operated wirelessly from a smartphone or using a keyfob, tag or card. This significantly increases security as you're not reliant on keys which can be easily lost or copied. All of our high security home locks are from reputable manufacturers and can easily be incorporated into a home security alarm or home automation system.

A wireless home security lock system also offers much more flexibility compared to traditional locks. Z-Wave locks can be controlled by you remotely, this means you can give access to people even if you're not at home - for instance a repair person or delivery. You can set PIN codes that only work at particular times and days - ideal for giving restricted access for a cleaner or gardener.

If you've got questions about Z-Wave Locks and Security systems, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Z-Wave devices and we offer the largest selection of Z-Wave Plus Products in Europe..

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