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RFXtrx433XL USB 433.92 MHz transceiver with antenna (NEW model)

by RFXCom
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Allows you to control a 433MHz/LightwaveRF and other networks from your PC or other gateway.

  • Free firmware updates
  • Extra large memory for all protocols in one
  • Two transmitters: 433.92MHz for commodity products and 433.42MHz for Somfy RTS and Funkbus
  • Ultra low power usage (0.14 Watt)
  • Made in NL
  • CE certified
  • 15 years of experience built in
  • Standard FTDI USB interface
  • Supports the largest set of devices
  • Supported by all major Home Automation systems
  • Easy firmware updates in flash memory
  • CSMA-CA technology to avoid RF collisions

Low priced, Receive + transmit function, Standard USB interface, Supports the largest range of sensors and actors, Supported by many Home Automation software, Easy integration in any application, Flash memory for firmware updates, CSMA-CA technology to avoid RF collisions.

Will receive for example these 433.92MHz sensors and remotes:

  • Cent-a-Meter, Electrisave, OWL power meters
  • Alecto, Cresta, FineOffset, Hideki, Honeywell, LaCrosse, Meade, Oregon, Proove, Rubicson, TFA, Viking weather sensors
  • Alecto, Avidsen, Chacon, NEXA, Flamingo, Blyss, Proove smoke detectors
  • Atlantic, Chuango, Eminent, Meiantech, Visonic, X10 alarm sensors
  • Oregon body weight scale
  • Maverick, Rubicson BBQ sensors
  • Chacon, HomeEasy, KlikAanKlikUit, NEXA, X10 remotes

And can be used to control for example these 433.92MHz devices:

  • ANSLUT, Avantek, BBSB, Blyss, Brennenstuhl, Chacon, COCO, Conrad RSL, DI.O, ELRO, Energenie, Eurodomest, Everflourish, FA500, Flamingo, HomeConfort, HomeEasy, Impuls, Intertechno, Intertek, Kambrook, KlikAanKlikUit, LightwaveRF, Livolo, Mercury, NEXA, OTIO, Phenix, PROmax, Proove, RisingSun, Sartano, Siemens, X10, XDOM dimmers/switches,
  • 1byOne, Byron SX, KlikAanKlikUit, Profiles, SelectPlus chime,
  • A-OK, ASA, BOFU, Brel, Chamberlain, Confexx, Ematronic, ESMO, Hasta, Louvolite, Quotidom, RAEX, Rohrmotor24, Rollertrol, Simu, Somfy, Yooda blinds/awning motors,
  • Harrison, Forest curtain motors,
  • Kingpin,Media Mount,Proluxx projection screens,
  • Avidsen,Chacon,NEXA,Flamingo,Blyss,Proove smoke detectors with siren,
  • Lucci Air fan,
  • Mertik Maxitrol fire place,
  • Aoke relays,
  • MDREMOTE LED strip controllers,
  • Smartwares radiator valve.

And can be used to control up to 40 Somfy RTS devices and Funkbus at 433.42MHz

Technical Details

  • Mini USB connection
  • Extra large memory for all protocols in one XL
  • 433.92MHz receiver
  • Two transmitters: 433.92MHz for commodity products and 433.42MHz for Somfy RTS and Funkbus
  • Connection for optional Dutch Smart Meter P1 cable
  • Ultra low power usage (0.14 Watt)
  • CE certified,
  • Standard FTDI USB interface
  • CSMA-CA technology to avoid RF collisions
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