APNT-104 - Scheduling Scenes in VERA UI7

This guide shows how to create Schedules that can be used to run scenes in VERA UI7.

A Scene Schedule is used to automatically run a VERA scene at specific times, days of the week or set intervals after other events. They are one of the most useful ways to automatically control your scenes and bring real home automation to your smart home system.

For instance a schedule can automatically turn lights on at specified times Monday to Friday and then at other times during the weekend, or you could have the lights come on at Sunset and turn off at Sunrise - all automatically controlled by VERA.

Creating Schedules

Scene Schedules are created and edited in the Schedules tab within the Triggers section of the scene.

  • Go to the Scenes tab and click the scene's Pencil icon to allow you to edit it.

Edit Scene

  • Click the Pencil icon next to Select a Trigger to edit your scene’s triggers.

Edit Triggers

  • Click the “+” icon on the bottom to add a new Trigger and select the Schedule tab.

Add Trigger

  • You can now select the interval and time that will trigger this scene.

The available options are as follows:

  • Interval
    • Interval - a repeating schedule based on a delay of minutes or hours.
    • Daily – schedule runs every day at the specified Time.
    • Weekly – schedule will run on selected days of the week at the specified Time.
    • Monthly - schedule runs on selected days of the month at the specified Time.
    • Once - the schedule only runs on a particular date at a specific Time.
  • Time
    • At a time of day – schedule runs at a specific Time.
    • Sunrise – schedule runs at Sunrise.
    • Sunset - schedule runs at Sunset.
    • Before Sunrise – schedule will run at a specific time before Sunrise.
    • Before Sunset - schedule will run at a specific time before Sunset.
    • After Sunrise - schedule will run at a specific time after Sunrise.
    • After Sunset - schedule will run at a specific time after Sunset.

After Sunset

  • Click the Validate button to save changes and follow the Wizard to finish the scene.

The scene will now be automatically run based on the schedule you've defined.


Take a look at the videos to see how easy it is to create Scenes in VERA.

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