APNT-72 - Changing Fibaro Home Center Icons

The Fibaro Home Center default device and scene icons can be easily changed to whatever you like.

This quick guide shows how to change a device or scene's icon in the Fibaro Home Center 2 (HC2) or
Home Center Lite (HCL).

Change the Icon

  • Click the device or scene's 'wrench' icon
  • Click the 'Change Icon' button
  • Choose a new icon from those available or upload a new one
  • Click 'Choose File' to upload an new icon - select an icon for all device states (On, Off...)
  • Click 'Add'
  • When the icons have uploaded, select it in the icon list window
  • Note: Multiple icons (for all device states) are represented by one icon in the icon list - selecting this icon will select icons for all states
  • No need to save - the new icon is automatically saved for the device or scene

Changing Fibaro Home Center IconsFigure 1: Changing Fibaro Home Center Icons

Things to remember about Icons

  • Icons must be 128 x 128 and in PNG format
  • Brighter icons work better on the HC's black background
  • Some Fibaro devices cannot have their Icons changed
  • A good resource to find HC icons is on the Fibaro Forum - Icons for HC2

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