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KB-57 - How Can I Access VERA via SSH and SCP?


How can I access VERA via SSH or SCP?


Sometimes it might be necessary to access VERA via SSH ("Secure SHell") or SCP ("Secure CoPy") in order to edit, download or upload one or more files.

Accessing VERA via SSH or SCP first starts with obtaining the password for the "root" user.

This process is documented on the MiCasaVerde Wiki.

SSH Access

During the above process, you will use an SSH "Client" to connect to VERA - once you are all set up for root SSH access the following commands may be useful:

  • "df" - this shows how much space is left on all the "mounted partitions".
  • "ls -al" - this shows the contents of the current directory.
  • "cd .." - this moves up a directory level.
  • "cd /etc/cmh" - this moves to the directory specified.

Accessing VERA Via SSH And SCP

SCP Access

To transfer files to and from VERA an SCP "Client" is used.

Typically the SCP Client will present a "File Explorer" type interface, allowing you to "drag 'n' drop" files from your PC to VERA and vice versa:

Accessing VERA Via SSH And SCP


Accessing VERA in this way can be risky - it's very easy to cause problems by accidentally deleting, moving or modifying files!

We recommend that you only access VERA in this way if you have a working knowledge of SSH and SCP and are comfortable using the Linux command line.


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Updated: 04/12/2014

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