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KB-85 - How can I add Z-Wave output to devices that don’t have Z-Wave?


How can I add Z-Wave output to devices that don’t have Z-Wave?


It’s possible to add Z-Wave output to most devices but that depends on the available outputs the device provides.

If the device has some dry contact outputs then you can use a Fibaro Universal Sensor or a Fibaro Door & Window Sensor.

If you are dealing with 240V then a Fibaro Relay or a Qubino Relay would be a better alternative.


Alarm Panel with Z-Wave

If you have an alarm panel with a dry-contact showing if the alarm is Armed or Disarmed and you want to get this input into your Z-Wave controller you can use a Fibaro Universal Sensor.

Alarm Panel

Some alarm panels have an output at 24VDC Ground and an input (Z in this example) where you can send a “pulse” to arm or disarm the alarm. You can do this by using a dry-contact Relay such as the Qubino Flush 1D Relay.

Alarm Panel

Mains PIR with Z-Wave

Sometimes you have a mains PIR and want to get that input into your Z-Wave controller, maybe using it as a “switch” to turn On/Off a light. For that you can wire the PIR to a Fibaro Single Switch and use it as a switch to control the light bulb.

Mains PIR

Another option is to use a Fibaro Double Switch 2 instead which allows you have a Wall Switch controlling the load locally and get the PIR State into your Z-Wave controller – you can then use it to trigger a Scene which can control the load based on your requirements.

Mains PIR

Z-Wave doorbell

Almost everyone has a doorbell at home and one nice little feature you can add to your Smart Home is to receive push notifications when someone presses the doorbell.

Unfortunately most makes of door bell / chime don't have a "dry contact" or "potential free output" but you can wire a small relay between the door bell and a Fibaro Door & Window Sensor.


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