KB-87 3 - DS18B20 Waterproof 1 Meter wiring


How should I wire my DS18B20 Waterproof 1 Meter Thermometer?


Unfortunately this device doesn’t include a manual explaining the colour codes and wiring but luckily it’s extremely easy:

  • Black is Ground
  • Red is Power
  • Yellow is Data

Each device manual should then explain where each should be connected. We will focus on two of the most common devices:

Fibaro Door & Window Sensor

These will be, from left to right, Red (TP), Yellow (TD) and Black (GND)

Fibaro Door Window Sensor

Fibaro Universal Sensor

From top to bottom: Black (GND), Yellow (TD) and Red (TP)

Fibaro Universal Sensor

Don’t forget you must connect the DS18B20 before adding the sensor into the Z-Wave Network.

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