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Smart Home Security Guide

Smart Home Security Guide

Home security and alarm systems have been available for a long time. However, traditional solutions usually focus on a simple alarm system that sounds an alarm when a motion detector or other sensor is triggered. Unfortunately these alarms are mostly ignored unless it really annoys your neighbours!

An alternative is to have the alarm system monitored by a company who then respond to any alarm by visiting the house and alerting you. This is a good, but very expensive solution, costing at least £250 per year!

Smart Security for your Home

Modern Smart Alarm Security systems allow you to secure your home and family as well as getting the benefits of a modern smart home. A smart security system can be easily installed, with little or no wiring, at an affordable cost, and with negligible running costs.


The main area is obviously security, but not just burglary - it will also cover things like smoke and fire detection. If the system detects any issues it can raise the alarm, sound sirens and send text or email alerts so that everything is covered. A Smart Security system no longer relies on a simple siren - you can be alerted immediately no matter where you are. It can even record and send you pictures and video of exactly what's happening back at home.
Using a Smart alarm system means your entire house and family are covered for any type of danger - break-in, burglary, fire, flood or freezing.


The main convenient thing about modern smart alarms is that they can be controlled from a smartphone. You can activate them from the phone as you leave, you have constant access to the system while you're away, and then deactivate it as you walk up the drive. You're not left wondering if you did actually set the alarm - and when you return there's no mad dash to the keypad to turn it off before the siren goes off!
Additionally, smart alarms can be run as part of a home automation system, the security aspects also work together with other parts of your home. If the sensors detect a break-in they can alert you, if they detect smoke, they can also open windows and turn lights on to help people get safely out of the building. The sensors used for security aren't limited to just that aspect, they can also be used all the time for motion activated lighting control and other aspects of smart home living.


As with other aspects of home automation, the system gives you the peace of mind that your home is secure, as well as providing a more comfortable and intuitive living space for you and your family.

Intelligent Security - Smartly Securing your Home

Adding a smart home alarm, or wireless home automation has real benefits and instantly adds security to your home. We offer a wide variety of smart alarm systems to fit all types of requirements and budgets. Most of them can be expanded to cover all your security needs, and work together with our forms of home automation such as lighting, heating and blinds. The following guides help you to see what can you can do with smart security.

Securing your Home

We have a wide choice of Smart wireless Alarm systems from stand-alone dedicated systems to those that can be fully integrated within a home automation system. All the alarms systems are wireless and offer you smartphone control/access where ever you are. Find out More...

Controlling Access to your Home

Smart locks and access control allow you to remotely open/lock doors. You can provide conditional access to people if you're away and you can always see who has been into your house. Some systems allow you to use card access rather than traditional keys. Find out More...

Watching your Home

A modern IP camera or CCTV system keeps a watch on your home 24/7. Everything can be recorded, so that if something does happen you have video or images to help you. They can also send you alerts - no matter where you are you can take a look at what's happening at home. Find out More...

Protecting your Home

Home security extends well beyond burglary and break-in. We offer systems to protect against smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding and freezing. These smart alarms can work alone or as part of a wider home automation system. Find out More...

Choosing a Smart Smoke Alarm

This guide shows how to select smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms and helps understand the legal requirements for newly built or existing properties. Find out More...

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