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Using Z-Wave as an alarm system

Using Z-Wave as an Alarm and Security System

Using a Z-Wave home automation system as your main security and alarm system makes a lot of sense. You will have a single system that controls your home's lighting, heating blinds etc, as well as protecting it and your family. This makes it easy for everyone to use as you have one interface, but also the two sides of the system can interact - the lights can be controlled by the security section etc. This guide shows what a smart Z-Wave security and alarm system can do for you.

Using Z-Wave as a Security System

The Z-Wave eco-system has a huge range of devices available that enable it to be used for all aspects of home automation including securing your home as a security and alarm system. Z-Wave enables you to go beyond what you would expect from a traditional alarm system - you no longer have to rely on a siren, you can receive text or push notifications and you can always check exactly what is happening no matter where you are. and, as it is part of the home automation system it can interact with lights to turn them on and off when you are away to give the impression you are at home - the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of using a Z-Wave Alarm

A Z-Wave home automation system brings together all parts of your smart home into a single system t o be used by the whole family.

  • Easier to Use - single home automation system controlling lighting, heating etc as well as an alarm system.
  • Convenient - everything can be set and controlled from a smartphone making it very convenient to use.
  • Lower Cost - the same Z-Wave sensors can be used for security and controlling lights etc, you don't need multiple sensors for the same room.
  • Huge Choice - choose the best controller and sensors for your needs, you're not limited to one vendor.
  • Always in-touch - you can receive text, email or push-notifications, so that you always know what is happening at home.
  • Transparent - Z-Wave will report the status of every sensor, you can see each room in your home.
  • Home Automation - the lights can be controlled to simulate your home being occupied when away or flash them if an intruder is detected.
  • Complete Protection - not just an alarm, Z-Wave will also protect against smoke, fire, CO, flood and leaks.
  • CCTV Security - Z-Wave systems will also work with CCTV and IP camera systems giving you complete coverage of your home.
  • Wireless - no need to run wires to each sensor around the house, Z-Wave is completely wireless.
  • Secure - Z-Wave Plus is a very secure wireless protocol, so no need to worry about hacking.
  • Multiple Apps - wide range of Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, choose the one you prefer to use.

Take a look at the huge range of Z-Wave controllers, sensors and other security focused products in the Vesternet Z-Wave Range.

Z-Wave Controller Features

The main control of a Z-Wave system is done by the Controller (also known as a Gateway). Modern Z-Wave controllers have different integrated features that have been specifically designed to address the needs of a security or alarm system.

Fibaro Z-Wave Gateways

The Fibaro Z-Wave Controllers offer a lot of functionality whilst remaining easy to use making them ideal for any home automation system. they also have a number of in-built security and alarm features including a dedicated alarm 'panel' in the user interface.

  • Alarm Panel - allows you to arm/disarm system and see status of all sensors and rooms.
  • Easy PIN Entry - Fibaro app allows easy PIN code entry to arm/disarm from your phone.
  • Intuitive User Interface - great UI to configure and control your whole smart home.
  • Geo-Location - allows you to arm/disarm automatically when you are within range of home.

The full range of Fibaro Z-Wave Controllers are available at Vesternet.

VERA Z-Wave Controllers

The VERA range of Z-Wave controllers offer a great entry point for complete home automation as well as security and alarm protection. All VERA controllers will support security, but checkout the VERA Secure Controller for the ultimate in security and smart home control.

  • Home/Away Modes - App control makes it easy to set the alarm (and other things) when you leave home or return.
  • Geo-Location - allows you to arm/disarm automatically when you are within range of home.
  • VERA Secure Controller - specifically designed for security, it includes built-in siren, battery back-up and GSM connectivity.

Take a look at the full range of VERA Z-Wave Controllers available at Vesternet.

Alarm Control in Fibaro and VERA Z-Wave ControllersControlling an Alarm in Fibaro and VERA Z-Wave Controllers

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