Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Smart Switch 7

by Aeotec

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Smart Switch 7. - Smarter, Safest, Smaller still /p>

  • Smallest smart plug ever
  • Appliances turn on when needed and off when not.
  • Analyse appliance electricity consumption in real time
  • European design
  • German engineering, and SGS certifcation

Plug it. Automate it. Control it. And understand how much electricity you are spending. Smart Switch 7 - Aeotec’s smallest smart plug ever.

No smart plug has been safer or more secure. Smart Switch 7 uses 3 different layers of security, including Z-Wave S2, to render man-in-the-middle and brute force hacking virtually impossible.

It is the smart plug that is the essential part of a smart home or smart office. With its wireless technology built upon Z-Wave Plus, Smart Switch 7 can be intelligently automated, scheduled, and time-use-limited from dozens of certified and compatible gateway systems and apps.

Home isn’t just where the heart is, it’s where your family should be safest. Featuring socket shields, Smart Switch 7 prevents objects, such as knives and pins, from being accidentally inserted.