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What is Insteon


What is Insteon

Insteon is an award winning network technology that brings fast, reliable and affordable automation to your home.

Insteon uses a unique, dual-band mesh network system that is far more reliable than single-band home automation technologies. Control signals are simultaneously sent using your home’s mains wiring (powerline) and the Insteon wireless network. At the same time all Insteon devices act as repeaters ensuring the signals get to the furthest reaches of your home - without any dead-spots.

Insteon is the only home networking technology that makes use of two separate physical layers (RF and Powerline). Insteon signals automatically jump from one layer to the other, and back. Each layer works around road-blocks in the other. It is estimated that the error rate for a dual band technology might be 100 times smaller than that of a single-band technology.

Unlike all other mesh networks, Insteon’s “mesh” network has every Insteon device acting as a repeater - receiving and sending every message to all other devices on the network. So instead of stressing the network by adding more Insteon devices, you actually strengthen it. Other mesh networks use routing tables and only those products involved in routing the signal act as repeaters – creating a less reliable network.

  • Easy Installation - No need for new wiring. Insteon devices communicate across the existing mains wiring and through the wireless network.
  • Easy Configuration - Insteon devices don’t need to be “Included” into the network. Each device has a unique ID number - they join the network as soon as they're powered up.
  • Reliable - Insteon is dual-mesh - signals travel through the air and over electrical wires at the same time. Error rates are 100 times less likely using this approach, and as every Insteon device is a repeater, the signal gets stronger the more devices you have in your home.
  • Fast - No delays. Insteon messages get through in less than 0.05 seconds. Activate an Insteon-compatible controller and the lights turn on instantly.
  • Scalable - There's no practical limit to the size of an Insteon network. Installations often have more than 400 devices - one installation has nearly 2,000 devices, all working flawlessly together.
  • Affordable - Insteon is one of the most price competitive home automation technologies. Devices are affordable and as Insteon doesn’t need a central controller the overall system cost is lower.


Connecting Insteon devices

Connecting Insteon devices is extremely easy and user friendly, most times requiring only a single click to add a Insteon device into your home network.

Wall Socket

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

Follow the on-screen instructions to add your device to the Insteon Hub

Press and hold one of the set buttons on the On/Off Outlet until it beeps

Plug-in Socket

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

Tap the top of the switch and then press and hold the set button until the Wireless Switch beeps

Make sure that the device you wish to control is ON and then press and hold its set button until it double-beeps

LED Bulb

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

On your Controller, tap the desired control button and then press and hold the set button until the Controller beeps

Make sure that your fixture is On and then screw in the LED Bulb - your LED Bulb will double-beep

In-Line Module

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

On your Door Sensor, press and hold the set button until the Door Sensor beeps

Press and hold the set button on the In-Line Module

Micro Module

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Module Inclusion

Press and hold the Motion Sensor set button until the status LED begins blinking

Set the Module to the desired state

Press the Motion Sensor set button - the status LED will double-blink

Note: Some steps removed


Related Reading

We've gathered below links to various resources that can help you use Insteon with other technologies and understand the inner workings of the Insteon protocol.

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Insteon Devices

Insteon products span across a wide range of categories from lighting, power, heating, energy sensing to security modules - all backed by our Life-Time Technical Support.

  • Controllers

    Insteon controllers and remotes are the starting point of your smart home network. Simple handheld RemoteLinc remote controllers allow you to control lamps and appliances from anywhere in your home. The Insteon Hub is a powerful Internet gateway, giving you remote control of your Insteon devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Lighting and Sockets

    Insteon switches and dimmers enable you to easily add wireless control to any of your home’s lights or appliances. Micro switch, relay and dimmer inserts fit behind your existing faceplates, while sockets simply plug into a standard outlet socket.

  • Sensors

    Insteon sensors are the building blocks of your home automation network. Once you have your central controller setup, you can start adding Insteon sensors for doors, windows and motion detection. All Insteon sensors and network components work seamlessly together making it easy to build just the home network you want.

  • Thermostats

    Insteon thermostats give you full control of your home heating and energy usage. They automatically control your central boiler and the temperature of individual rooms. As they are part of your Insteon network they can be managed wherever you are (even remotely).

  • Cameras

  • Accessories

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