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Smart Home Blinds Automation

Quite some time ago we wrote a guide covering various ways to achieve automation of Blinds and having just installed a sixth Blind in my own home I thought it was time to revisit that article and see if it needed updating.Having gone over it with a fine toothed comb, it's strange to say that nothing much has changed in the two and a hal...
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Fibaro Swipe fully functional in VERA UI7

In our previous post we reviewed the newest Z-Wave Plus device from Fibaro - the Fibaro Swipe - and we mentioned that we'd worked our magic and managed to get the device fully functional in the VERA Z-Wave controller, both for gesture control and for sequence control.We're now putting the final touches on one of our fantastic PDF guides th...
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First impressions of the Vera Plus

As promised in our previous Blog post, we're taking a quick first look at the Vera Plus today.It's been over a year since Vera launched their Edge controller while at the same time simultaneously withdrawing the Vera Lite & Vera 3.  This move surprised us at Vesternet as the two previous models targeted different user requirements, so to ...
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VERA Plus - First Batch Arrived

The first batch of VERA Plus arrived with us last night and will be shipping to all customers who have pre-ordered them today - you'll have them tomorrow.As with all new electronic products, the VERA Plus will ship with a base firmware installed - this doesn't include all the bells and whistles that will be in the full firmware. This is common...
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VERA Edge - Fully Tested

If you've been following my recent blogs you will have seen the progress of VERA Edge. When released, VERA Edge was a bit of an ugly duckling. But with two firmware updates under its belt and our support guys spending a lot of time with it, it looks like VERA Edge is turning into a swan.Device Compatibility - Complete ResultsAs I said a couple...
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VERA Edge Update

It's been a few weeks since we gave an update on the VERA Edge.Well it's not been due to lack of activity. Our support guys have spent a lot of time testing the common ...
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VERA Edge - Here and Selling Fast

The new VERA Edge Controllers are in stock and selling fast!We announced the new VERA controller just over a week ago, since then we've had a a constant stream of enquires and pre-orders. So much so that the first batch that arrive late last night have almost sold out already!
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Choosing the best VERA Controller - 2014

Last week we announced the new VERA Edge controller. This new controller combines the best of the VERA3 and the VERA Lite and still has a price of £50 less than VERA3.So the choice of a new VERA controller should be quite straightforward - VE...
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VERA Edge Controller Released

VERA have just released their new controller - VERA Edge and we will have first stock within 10 days.

The new controller is not really a surprise, back in January 2013, VERA announced plans for the VERA Pro controller, but nothin...

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