Z-Wave - Thermostats, TRVs & Heating Controls

Z-Wave thermostats give you complete charge oversight of your home heating and energy usage. They automatically control your central boiler, individual rooms or even each radiator in your house and can be managed wherever you are (even remotely).

Types of Thermostats

Wall – Easily installed and battery operated, a Secure Wall Thermostat can be put in every room and send signals to your boiler receiver so the temperature is maintained. Also enables you to set temperatures in your home according to the time of day.

Boiler Receiver – The Secure Boiler Receiver works seamlessly with your thermostats or central controller to control your heating costs.

Radiator – The Danfoss LC-13 Thermostatic Radiator Valve installs quickly on your radiator valve and controls the setpoint temperature, either locally or via the main Z-Wave controller.

For more information about controlling your heating system with Z-Wave take a look at our Comprehensive Heating Guide or contact our Heating Experts