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Z-Wave - Thermostats, TRVs & Heating Controls

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While many aspects of modern heating systems are automated, our Z-Wave central heating control range can improve on your existing system by adding intelligence. Rather than having to make changes to the thermostat and individual radiator settings, Z-Wave automation takes control of your whole system to intelligently monitor and maintain your desired temperature in each room in the house.

With Z-Wave home heating control you can schedule multiple temperatures throughout the day and throughout each heating zone. You can even control your heating from your phone - no matter where you are. Set radiators to turn off when a window is opened or alter your heating schedule on your smartphone if you know you’re going to be late home from work. Your heating system works together with other Z-Wave devices such as Z-Wave Lighting and Z-Wave Sensors to make most of its operation automatic and seamless.

If you've got questions about Z-Wave heating, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Z-Wave devices, and we offer the largest selection of Z-Wave Products in Europe.

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