Yales Conexis L1 Vs. L2

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Choosing the right smart lock for your home is a crucial decision, especially when new options are constantly emerging in the market.

Recently, Yale has added the Conexis L2, a fresh addition to their acclaimed smart lock line, joining the Conexis L1.

Both these locks offer unique features, and distinguishing between them can be difficult. To assist you, we delve into a comprehensive comparison of Yale Conexis L1 and L2.

What is the Yale Conexis L1?

The Yale Conexis L1 is a reliable smart lock that allows keyless entry using a smartphone, key tag, key card, or phone tag. It lets you send virtual keys to friends or family, and alerts you via real-time notifications if the door is unlocked unexpectedly. It features encrypted Bluetooth technology for secure connections and a tamper alarm for enhanced security.

What is the Yale Conexis L2?

The recently launched Conexis L2, on the other hand, not only includes all features of the L1 but also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. This lock offers more access options, better control, and more convenience. It has received the BSI IoT Kitemark, indicating its high level of security for internet-connected products. It also works with leading voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

What's the difference between Yale Conexis L1 and L2?

The key difference between the Conexis L1 and L2 lies in their connectivity and enhanced features. While the L1 offers basic smart lock functionality with Bluetooth connectivity, the L2 offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with leading voice assistants. This upgrade offers greater control, more convenience, and enhanced home security.

Essentially, the L2 comes with WiFi bridge out of the box, so if you need that (which is recommended), you're best off opting for the L2. 

Pros & Cons

Yale Conexis L1


  • Multiple access options
  • Encrypted Bluetooth technology
  • Tamper alarm for enhanced security


  • Lacks Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box
  • No compatibility with voice assistants

Yale Conexis L2


  • Multiple access options plus Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Has the BSI IoT Kitemark


  • Might be more expensive due to enhanced features

For those who value basic functionality and are fine with Bluetooth connectivity, the L1 could be a suitable choice. However, if you desire more advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with voice assistants, the L2 is the better option.

Yale Conexis L1 and L2 comparison table

Specifications Yale Conexis L1 Yale Conexis L2
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Voice Assistant Compatibility No Yes (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa)
BSI IoT Kitemark No Yes
Access options Key tag, key card, phone tag, smartphone Key tag, key card, phone tag, smartphone
Tamper Alarm Yes Yes
Real-Time Notifications Yes Yes
Control from Anywhere No (Requires Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge) Yes (Comes with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge)
Virtual Keys Yes Yes
Access Log Yes Yes
Intruder Alarm Yes Yes
Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Compatibility Yes Yes


If you're seeking a reliable smart lock with enhanced features and don't mind a slightly higher cost, the Yale Conexis L2 is a fantastic choice. However, since it comes with WiFi bridge, it represents a cost saving. 

Its compatibility with voice assistants and Wi-Fi connectivity provides increased convenience and control. However, if your needs are simpler and budget is a concern, the Yale Conexis L1 still offers reliable keyless entry and security features.

You can buy the Yale Conexis L1 here and the L2 here.

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