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Z-Wave - Modules - Relays / Switches

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Z-Wave Relay Modules, also known as Switches are general purpose Z-Wave Modules, that can be used to control almost any electrical appliance. Z-Wave Relay Switch modules can control - lights, power, pumps, blinds, awnings, heating, cooling, gates... the list is endless. Anything than can be controlled using a simple On/Off switch can be controlled by a Z-Wave Switch module.

The Z-Wave Switch Module can be wired into the electrical supply to the appliance (such as pumps, lights etc), or can be installed into a dedicated control circuit (often found in blinds and awnings). You can then control your Z-Wave smart home automation system allowing you to control it wirelessly from wherever you are. Alternatively you can use other features of the Z-Wave system to control it based on time or other devices such as sensors. For control of standard lighting, we would suggest using a Z-Wave Lamp Dimmer as these provide much greater control of the lights.

If you've got questions about Z-Wave Switch and Relay Modules, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Z-Wave Modules, and we probably offer the largest selection of Z-Wave Products in Europe.

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