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APNT-65 - iTach Basic Configuration

The iTach IR adaptors are perfect for controlling appliances like AV equipment (TV, Blu-Ray, Home Cinema), and any appliance that can be controlled by Infra-Red (IR) commands. Even Air Conditioning units.

This guides shows how to configure the iTach Wi-Fi to IR controller (WF2IR) ready to be used with home automation controllers like VERA and Fibaro Home Center. The guide can also be used to configure the other IR adaptors in the iTach range.

WF2IR - Set-up

Installing the WF2IR is straightforward, this guide shows you how to:

  • Install and configure the WF2IR on your network
  • Set a Static IP address
  • Use the WF2IR to learn the IR codes of your appliances

Installation and Configuration

iTach WF2IR Ports and ConnectionsFigure 1: iTach WF2IR Ports and Connections

The WF2IR includes three IR Emitters and one IR blaster, these are used to transmit the IR commands to your equipment, for more information on iTach modules, ports and emitters/blasters take a look at KB-35.

  • Connect the Blaster cable into Port 1:3 - this is a dedicated port for the Blaster.
    If you wish to use an IR Emitter, these can be connected to any port.
  • Connect the power cable
  • The WF2IR's LEDs will flash for a few seconds

Find the WF2IR on your network

When the WF2IR is first powered-up it will show as an un-secured Adhoc network device. You will need to find this and then configure it.

  • You should be able to connect directly to the WF2IR from your computer's network list
  • It is named with its unique MAC ID, for example GlobalCache000C1E01B45C
  • When connected, open your browser and type
  • You will now have access to the iTach configuration settings

Set a Static IP Address

It is much easier to use the iTach devices if you give them a Static IP address.

  • In the WF2IR's configuration screen, go to 'Network'
  • In Network Type, select 'Infrastructure' and then make configuration changes
  • DHCP - Un-check
  • IP Address - Enter the IP address you would like the WF2IR to use (ensure it is an address your router can use)
  • Gateway - Enter your router's IP address
  • Subnet - Enter your router's Subnet address (normally
  • SSID - Enter the SSID of your network
  • Security - Choose the security type used by your router (Open, WPA2 etc)
  • Password - Enter your network's password
  • Click Save
  • The WF2RF will now reboot, give it a minute to connect to the network
  • The iTach's power LED will flash once per second when connected to your network
  • Connect your computer to your network
  • Enter the IP address you chose for the WF2IR - you will now be in the configuration screen again

iTach WF2IR Static IP SettingsFigure 2: iTach WF2IR Static IP Settings

IR Configuration

  • While you are in the configuration screen, go to 'Infrared'
  • Ensure the correct ports are selected - for instance Connector 3 (1:3) for the IR Blaster
  • Click Save

iTach WF2IR IR ConfigurationFigure 3: iTach WF2IR IR Configuration

The iTach Wi-Fi to IR controller is now set-up and ready to use. The next step is to use it to 'learn' IR Codes.


The setup and configuration process may be restarted at any time by resetting the iTach to its Factory Defaults.

To reset the iTach insert a metal pin (a large paper clip is ideal) into the 'IR Learner' hole (about 3 mm) until all LEDs begin flashing.
Note: Be gentle when resetting the iTach; force may damage the iTach hardware irreparably.

Learning IR Codes

All iTach devices can 'learn' IR codes, this enables them to control your appliances. Each appliance and each function for that appliance will have a different IR Code.

The iTach devices make it very easy to learn IR codes by using an application called iLearn. You simply point the appliance's remote control at the WF2IR and press the button you wish to 'learn'.

  • Download the 'iLearn' App from
  • Open the iLearn app
  • In the Connection section choose iTach Learner in the drop-down
  • Enter the WF2IR's IP Address (the one you assigned to it)
  • Select the Connector you would like to use for this IR code - connector 3 in this example
  • Click 'Connect'
  • You should no be connected to the WF2IR

iLearn - Connecting to the WF2IRFigure 4: iLearn - Connecting to the WF2IR

  • Hold your remote control about 5cm from the WF2IR's IR Learner (small hole by power socket) - note this must be 'line of sight'
  • Press the remote control button you wish the WF2IR to 'learn'
  • If the IR command was received successfully you will hear a beep
  • The IR code will be displayed in the Edit View Window

iLearn - IR Code in Edit View WindowFigure 5: iLearn - IR Code in Edit View Window

  • You can now save this IR Code
  • If all lines of the code are not highlighted blue, use the 'Gap' selector to select all rows (increase)
  • Button Name - give the code a name
  • Save Format - select the format suitable for your controller (Global Cache, HEX etc)
    See later guides for using IR codes with VERA and Fibaro Home Center controllers
  • Click 'Save Data'
  • The correct code will now display in the Results Window
  • You can test the code by clicking 'Test IR' - while holding the iTach's IR Blaster in front of your appliance
  • Note: When the code is saved, it is also copied to your clipboard, so you can easily paste it into a text editor - this is a good idea as you can edit it later

iLearn - IR Code in Edit View WindowFigure 5: iLearn - IR Code in Edit View Window

You now have the iTach WF2IR working correctly and you can use it together with a Z-Wave controller to control any IR-Based appliances.

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